Garnier SkinActive Rose Floral Water Range.

Garnier believe that what we put on our body should be as natural and healthy as what we put in it. Which is why their introducing Garnier SkinActive 96% Natural Origins range. 4 new regimes with 96% natural origin ingredients. From carefully distilled rose petals, to aloe vera gel extracted by hand, their products are here to look after your skin, and the world we live in.
I was lucky enough to be sent the Garnier SkinActive Rose Floral Water Range. which is dermatologically tested and contains no parabens, silicones or artificial colourants. and consists of:

  • Soothing Botanical Cleanser.
  • Soothing Botanical Toner.
  • Soothing Botanical Moisturiser. 

The Rose Floral Water range is suitable for dry, sensitive skin types, thanks to the soothing power of rose water. Garnier's rose floral water originates from Bulgaria and it's harvested between the months of May and June to ensure the very best crop. The calming elixir is obtained by steam distillation of Rose Damascena petals, to preserve the goodness and skin-soothing properties of the flower.
Garnier specifically selected rose water, making sure it comes from a renewable source capable of regenerating each year, Garnier have updated their skincare to consumers that are looking to use or have been using, more natural skin products. Each product from the range contains of 96% ingredients of natural origin, whilst the remaining 4% are ingredients that guarantee the preservation of the product.
One aspect of why i love Garnier is that not only do their products work, but they also put time and effort into the information available on the products packaging. You can clearly read what u can achieve by using the product, but also understand what each product will do and achieve in your skincare routine. Listed is the ingredients, whilst their website or helpline is available if you need any questions answering or advice.

Garnier SkinActive 96% Natural Origins Rose Floral Water is great for a complete and easy-to-follow skincare routine by including products that are a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.
Always start by cleansing, then applying your toner and after that step your moisturiser.
The soothing botanical cleansing milk gently, yet efficiently removes impurities or make up by applying to a cotton pad and sweeping all over your face and neck. The light but creamy milk which has a light scent of a garden in bloom, leaves skin soft and smooth but clean and hydrated.

The soothing botanical toner, which is the next step in your skincare routine and has that lovely scent, removes any residue whilst toning your skin to perfection. Applying to a cotton pad, you only need a little to apply to your face and neck and your skin will be left perfectly soothed. 

Your last step in the range is the Hydrate + Soothe botanical day cream that not only hydrates skin whilst restoring softness and suppleness, but also is enriched with a natural antioxidant to protect your skin from harmful effects of the environment. 
Each product works extremely well in soothing the skin whilst also providing essential hydration, great for the dry and sensitive skin types. You only need a little of each of the products to complete its task on what the product is intending to do. The cleanser cleanses well, the toner tones well and the moisturiser provides moisture without feeling heavy on your skin. If your looking to venture into using natural products without breaking the bank, The Garnier SkinActive Rose Floral Water provides your skin type with a natural skincare routine. X Neil.