Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask For Men.

Turbliss products are all natural, skin friendly and harmless to our environment. Turbliss dig, analyse and micronize their peat themselves, to ensure high quality and high level organic acids in all of their products.
Turbliss masks for different types of skin can help clean clogged pores, smooth wrinkles, tone the skin, cure eczema's, efficiently reduce acne, alleviate psoriasis, dermatitis and all in all, make the skin healthier and more vibrant.
After reading this information, this is why i ordered the Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask For Men from ManOrganic to experience the process and results myself.
Face masks are the perfect skincare treatment to help you with your skin concerns. The right face mask can help hydrate, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of your pores. They're also an excellent way to help pull out impurities.

Turbliss - Nordic Peat Cosmetics Peat is by composition completely unique as it contains rare organic acids that work its magic on a cellular level. Turbliss products have a high level of humic, fulvic and hymatomelanic acids that penetrate deep into the skin and help the cells start functioning normally. Which means that the skin is then able to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid that are the building blocks to healthy looking skin.
All Turbliss peat products are deeply purifying. When used correctly peat never dries the skin; on the contrary, it helps to regulate sebum production and dryness in order to make the skin function as it should. In addition to humic substances, peat contains minerals, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, micro elements, phytonutrients and sulphur. Bioactive substances penetrate deep into the skin, restore its elasticity and normal functioning.
Suitable to use after shaving and as a regular skin treatment. Humic and fulvic acids help boost cell renewal and restore normal functioning of the skin. Mask alleviates signs of psoriasis and eczema, stimulates collagen production, effectively fighting the signs of ageing. Tea tree helps to heal minor cuts and has antiseptic properties. Peppermint refreshes and revives the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask For Men - Ingredients:
Balneological peat**, tea tree distillate, peppermint distillate*, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate *From Organic Farming **From Wild Nature.
A few things to remember before applying the Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask.
When using any peat mask it must be applied onto moist damp skin, whilst avoiding your delicate eye and lip area. IMPORTANT, you must never allow a peat face mask to dry when applied, using a spray bottle to keep the mask moist is a great way to avoid this.
It is also important to remember that peat cannot be mixed with oils or oil based products as oil creates a thin film around humic substance molecules preventing them from working and reacting with your skin, it is best to avoid these products before application and through the rinse off stage.
Taking your finger or spatula, apply a thick layer so you cannot see your skin under the mask will ensure you get the maximum benefits and results.
Setting an alarm on your phone or using a timer guarantees you wont wash the mask off too soon or leave the mask on for too long. You only have to wait ten minutes or for sensitive skin five, to wash the bioactive face mask off with either a damp cloth or using your hands to rinse thoroughly.

Using the Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask, i did experience skin reddening and slight tingling sensation which is normal when using any peat masks. If the skin feels uncomfortable then the duration of use should be reduced to a suitable time for your skin. The reddening and tingling occurs due to the increase of micro-circulation and metabolic stimulation. It should fade within 20 minutes or 1 hour maximum. All Turbliss peat products are deeply purifying which allow the following skin treatments (creams, serums etc.) to work more efficiently.
The Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask is a natural face mask that really works as a multitasking product for your skin. Deep clean pores, improved skin tone with moisture, leaving your skin naturally clean. Some masks are great, but can only remedy one of your skin problems whilst being full of chemicals and alcohol that leave you back to square one with your skin. You can use the bioactive face mask 1-3 times per week, treat your skin to this exceptional face mask and experience a new skin sensation by purchasing the Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask For Men at ManOrganic. X Neil.