Bodyenrich MAN You Scrub Up Well.

The Bodyenrich MAN You Scrub Up Well is a natural, preservative free, organic body scrub based on sugar chemistry. Featuring the vegan and cruelty free badge whilst also being the #SBS Theo Paphitis Official Winner, the 100ml scrub is a must have natural beauty product to own.
Bodyenrich is the ultimate in luxury skincare, their handmade nourishing products are packed with eco-friendly ethical ingredients and are made in small batches.
The Bodyenrich MAN You Scrub Up Well scrub is free from animal products, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, wheat, soya, dairy, nuts, alcohol, synthetic fragrance and colours.
Key ingredients included in the body scrub are essential to leave your skin nurtured and cared for, these ingredients are;
Organic Sunflower oil that is rich in vitamins E and K that help retain skins moisture whilst also preventing premature ageing.
Fair trade organic sugar that is ethical and environmentally friendly made from the natural juice of sugar cane.
Organic Lemon essential oil is known for its abilities to purify skin, cleanse toxins and rejuvenate energy.
Cedarwood organic essential oil is a known astringent that tightens loose muscles creating a feeling of firmness and youth whilst its woody aroma relaxes and soothes.
Applying the scrub to dry skin, it must be dry skin and not wet, you can apply to any dry or rough skin patches. Areas such as hands, feet, elbows and knees whilst using circular motions will help exfoliate the dry skin away whilst the key ingredients will help keep skin hydrated and cared for.
Using the scrub before a shower or bath is the perfect way to maximise the potential this scrub can achieve. Once u have finished using circular motions you can then proceed to rinse off and u will be surprised on just how smooth and soft your skin will be. Exfoliating skin not only reveals brighter smoother skin but you will also find your products will apply better maximising their potential.
The Bodyenrich MAN You Scrub Up Well can be used twice a week and has just been shortlisted in the pure beauty awards 2017! You can vote for this organic body scrub by clicking on vote - "VOTE" - whilst also exploring the natural Bodyenrich range to include in your skincare regime. X Neil.