Organic Bath & Body Care.

Elevate your bath & body care routine when opening the scent free, pure organic wash and lotion.  The two 250ml products arrive with pumps for easy dispensing and are formulated with exclusive plant based ingredients from conscious skincare. Free from sls, parabens, phtalates, synthetic chemical preservatives, colours or fillers, these cruelty free and vegan friendly products are suitable for the most sensitive of skin.
The pure organic wash can be used for your face, hands or body. Formulated to be scent free, the wash is perfect for skin that cannot tolerate fragrance. Containing a mixture of fatty acid derived from coconut oil, the humectant glycerin that attracts moisture to your skin, evening primrose that obtains a high vitamin E content and anti-inflammatory properties, the wash is ideal to pamper all skin types especially dry/irritated.
I really like how little you need to use, when applying to wet skin. Using the pump that screws into the bottle, you can dispense the measured amount to your liking, rather then wasting product when trying to use a product that has no pump feature. You will notice the wash does not foam because it is sls free. Foaming products can upset your skins PH balance and can effect the skins natural moisture barrier, not great if your barrier is already effected and you suffer with dry/irritated or sensitive/redness skin. Looking for non-foaming products and importantly sls free products will help keep your skin at a more healthy PH balance and help relieve flare-ups, while organic products include vitamins and proteins that your skin will thank you for using. Rinsing the wash off thoroughly, skin feels clean without feeling stripped of its essential moisture and is prepped for you to proceed with a lotion.
The pure organic lotion can be used to hydrate your face, hands or body. Light in texture, but packed full of natural skin-friendly moisturisers, this will be your go-to-lotion when needed. Containing the pre-biotic alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, it provides a protective and restoring action by reducing undesirable bacteria, restoring the natural bacteria balance on your skin. Nicinamide (Vitamin B3) is known for its skin restoring properties, while also improving texture and tone of the skins appearance. Licorice root extract is a powerful antioxidant that targets age spots (great for the hands) and is also an excellent natural ingredient used specifically for sensitive skin. Packed full of naturally rich oils and moisturisers, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Sunflower seed oil, Apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E oil, the lotion is surprisingly non-greasy. Applying a small amount to clean skin using massaging movements, the lotion absorbs into skin easily without feeling greasy or sticky. You can use throughout the day on your hands to instantly restore moisture and reap the benefits of soft silky hands. Applying to the body and not having to wait around for the product to absorb before getting dressed, great for those mornings when your in a rush. Applying to the face after shaving or over make-up to instantly refresh and hydrate any complexion, any time of the day. Add both scent free products to your bath and body care to experience the organic benefits both products deliver and achieve. X Neil.