Unisex Facial Oil.

Finding a unisex facial oil to suit all skin types can be quite a difficult task. Men's skin can tend to be more oilier than a females, due to a higher level of DHT in the body that can cause over production of sebum, leaving your skin looking greasy and oily. Facial oils have gained a momentum over the past year and have seen changes in formulations switching from being less heavy based to packed full of skin-friendly nutrients and vitamins, so all skin types can use one! It is important to look at what the facial oil contains and what claims it states, to then evaluate if it is suited for your skin type and how your complexion will benefit when incorporating one into your skincare regime.
Using a facial oil in your skincare can hugely boost your current routine, whilst also aid and target any skin complaints you may be suffering from. The other benefit is on application to boost blood flow, contour, relax and relieve stress, when using massaging movements on the face. You can use directly onto cleansed skin, ideal for guys after shaving to restore hydration, soothe, and target uneven skin tone, even if you are an oily skin type. Worry not if you already have a skin routine in place, the facial oil can still be used as long as you apply all water based products before the oil, like your favourite serum, remembering oils can penetrate water, but water cannot penetrate oil as it sits on top. A facial oil can benefit your skin in many beneficial ways:
  • Target fine lines and wrinkles to boost your anti-ageing efforts.
  • Aid hydration and replenish moisture for dry skin.
  • Balance and target blemished prone skin. 
  • Protect skin from damaging free radicals.
  • Primes skin for perfect application of make-up.    
The bloom and glow from Angela Langford is a natural radiance restorer that is perfect for skin that needs and is asking for some tender loving care. Containing essential key actives, you will notice a huge difference from your first application, due to these skin-friendly ingredients. Suitable for all skin types and can be used day & night, the oil restores balance, radiance, protects and has anti-ageing benefits. The key actives in the formulation are:
  • Vitamin E - Repairs and protects skin. 
  • Q10 - Antioxidant that can help skin regenerate.
  • Evening Primrose - Penetrates skin to help retain moisture.
  • Chia Seed & Evening Primrose contain high levels of omega 3 to aid healing and repairing of the skin, while also contributing to anti-ageing benefits to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Jojoba - Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe irritated skin and helps with acne or blemish prone skin.
  • Chamomile - Calms skin, while contributing to a natural glow on any complexion.
  • Sea Buckthorn - Multi-beneficial to help repair, calm, heal and help with anti-ageing problems.
  • Neroli - Promotes cell regeneration to combat signs of ageing.
The bloom and glow facial oil is light in texture and obtains a natural light scent that influences your well-being. You can apply the oil before your moisturiser or mix it in with your current one, to boost your hydration and protection. It feels so light on the skin, without feeling overly-greasy or sticky, giving skin a natural radiance and smooth base to apply your following products. Skin throughout the day is left supple and renewed, without any high-shine or greasiness that needs to be blotted away immediately. Adding it into your night time skincare routine is highly beneficial when skin is repairing and regenerating, waking up to a refreshed complexion not based on how many hours you have slept is always a product you will return to use. Add the multi-tasking, multi-beneficial, unisex facial oil into your skincare routine to feel and see the benefits for yourself, X Neil.