Light Moisturiser - Huge Hydration!

Looking for a light moisturiser that can deliver quantities of hydration can be quite a difficult task. Skincare products labelled "light" can lack hydrating benefits because of the formula being too texturally light and the formulation only including one or two key hydrators. The Dafna's Skincare moisture+ light boasts 19 hydrating and renewing ingredients to quickly hydrate your skin with its fast absorption formula.
Using a light moisturiser is specifically suited for when the weather seasons change to a warmer climate, especially summer. Switching your winter skincare moisturisers that are usually much more thicker to combat the colder climate and harsh weather conditions, to products that are lighter for the skin to suit the warmer environment your in, is a great skincare method to follow. Applying a moisturiser with specific ingredients over your serums not only provides a layering seal over the previous products, but also can aid and boost your skincare goals that you require.
Containing the popular skin ingredient Hyaluronic acid, it keeps collagen levels up while also retaining moisture in the skin, the moisture+ light also contains the natural moisturiser Argan Oil. High in Vitamin E and containing a skin-loving fatty acid content, Argan Oil is non-greasy giving a natural boost to any skin type. Calendula and figs, which are high in vitamin C and E, provide comfort to any problematic skin such as acne, while also helping to soothe and calm irritated skin complaints. Neroli and Rosemary uplift your senses each time the product is applied and provide a natural healthy glow to brighten any complexion.
Applying to clean skin or after your serums, use your finger tips to disperse the light lotion over face, neck and decolletage. The white lotion glides over skin and is immediately absorbed, leaving skin instantly satisfied, without feeling sticky or greasy. Skin feels smooth and looks revitalised with only using a little and your senses are uplifted due to the natural ingredients scent. Guys can apply the product after their shave routine to soothe skin and boost hydration levels, if they don't like to use a lot of different products and want a quick result to go. You can easily fit this into your skincare routine by swapping out your usual moisturiser, you just have to remember to apply SPF, which applies excellent over this, for hydrated and brighter skin in one easy application.
The Dafna's Skincare moisture+ light is available to purchase at LoveLula, X Neil.