Martha Jackson - Secret Message Ring.

A gift to that special someone can speak a thousand words, but a ring from the Martha Jackson collection will remind that person everyday with your chosen words. Buying a special gift for someone can be a daunting task if you have explored all avenues and are still left empty handed. Flowers are a nice touch until they fade and need replacing, while scents for him or her have a short life when a new competitor arrives on the scene. Choosing a gift that embodies and reflects your emotions to convey your own personal message has just got easier.
The sterling silver secret message ring is available in two thickness measurements to suit both men and women, while being available in a polished plain band, a polished finish with a hammered effect or a polished finish hammered band with a single diamond set in the middle, to suit the recipients own style. The secret message is engraved in the inside of the ring to make it a personal secret gift, to keep close and to be worn everyday. Picking between six engraving fonts and up to 30 maximum characters, what message would u include?
The possibilities of the message you may want to include are endless, for a couple it could be when u first met, your wedding day or your child's birth date. A friend that needs reminding of how much value their friendship means to you or a family member that can be reminded of how important they are, when the ring is delivered. Adding an affirmation message when buying for yourself is a great tool to use to aid positive thinking and self empowerment, this is why i chose the words "Believe In Yourself". Looking down to your finger, remembering your personalised message, will invoke an emotion anytime of the day.
The excitement when the letter box rattles and the package sits safely on the doormat, would make a lovely surprise for anyone. Placed safely and sitting inside a Martha Jackson gift box, the personalised ring sits patiently waiting to be worn. Perfectly polished to shine bright, the engraving is of the highest quality, thanks to the talented engraver on site that sets to work engraving the minute your order hits his desk. A message card is also included to write any personal message u wish, while also featuring instructions on how to look after the secret message ring.
I was so impressed of the Martha Jackson website because its really easy to navigate around to find your perfect piece of jewellery. Once found, the drop down menus glide you through the process to personalise the piece to your choice, while the checkout process is stress-free and easy. The huge range caters for all tastes, whether your looking for a statement fashion piece or a personalised gift, there is no doubt you or the recipient will be wearing it with love. Use the following discount code BM10 to surprise someone special or add a luxury piece into your own jewellery collection. X Neil.