Revive Your Hair Colour.

Transform and revive your hair colour with the new infuse My.Haircare range. Everyday washing can fade your much-loved colour, especially if u use a clarifying shampoo or one that contains sulfates. The two culprits swell the hair strands and then upon rinsing they effectively wash out your hair colour little by little, anti-dandruff shampoos are also known to completely strip the hair. Looking for pH-balanced products that are specifically for hair that has been coloured, while also using colour pigmented infusing treatments, will help your colour look fresh and renewed and stop the fading process.
The platinum wash is just one of the products from the hair care range, featured also is ruby, copper, gold, cobalt and a silicone-free conditioner to treat your hair. The 100% vegan formula has 0% sulphates, silicone's and parabens, to infuse tone with a healthy gloss and glow. All blond hair, whether its natural or dyed, will experience some unwanted brassiness or tones at some stage. Looking for violet-toned products, such as a shampoo and conditioner, will help counteract and cancel out any yellow or gold tone to refresh your blond back to its former glory.
Do not be scared of the highly pigmented formulation in any colour infusing shampoos, they wont damage, or dye your hair to a non-wanted colour that will leave you hiding from the world. Fitting perfectly into your hair care routine you will only need to use them twice a week, alternating between your usual shampoo, conditioner and mask. Applying to wet hair and evenly distribute to make sure all your hair is saturated, use your hands to massage your scalp and hair for equal coverage. Rinse off and then u can repeat the process again if your hair is being stubborn, to be followed by your conditioner to smooth and seal the hair cuticle.
I was surprised on just how little you need to use on application because of the runny consistency the infuse My.colour formulation obtains. It rinses out extremely well so you are not left with any leftover pigment still noticeable in your hair and does not leave hair feeling dry before applying conditioner. The 250ml bottles are bag friendly to take with you on holiday and are especially great for people who like to swim, chlorine affects the hair cuticle, which then leads on to influence your hair colour leaving your hair looking dull. Revive your hair colour anytime, when incorporating the cruelty-free, colour-infusing shampoos, into your hair care routine. X Neil.