Nourishing & Smoothing Body Milk.

Applying a body milk to skin is essential to help maintain skins balance of moisture and oiliness. Application of any moisturiser to the body will help deter or combat any skin issues u maybe suffering from such as dry, sensitive or acneic. Body moisturisers have been re-formulated to include certain ingredients, whilst also being suitable for your skin type, so there are many more choices available for you to choose from. The formula's available today not only provide essential benefits to the skin but they can also be applied and feel comfortable, if a product feels sticky or heavy your not going to apply it or use it again.
The Gallinée body milk feeds your skin a blend of firming bogbean and tonifying natural extracts, while helping to protect your microbiome with their patented triple biotic complex combining prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid. Respecting the skins natural pH, the skin is fairly acidic and your sweat and sebum on the skin forms an acid mantle which has a pH of 4 to 5.5, using products that upset this balance by being too acidic or alkaline can result in some uncomfortable skin conditions. Labels on products are a great way to check if a product is pH balanced and if you are not sure then ask the company who produce it, or put the product down and choose one that states the information on their packaging.
The nourishing and smoothing body milk is a great way to hydrate skin after your shower or bath by applying to damp skin in massaging circular movements. Sealing moisture for a deeply hydrating body treat, you will also stimulate blood circulation and ensure even coverage on application. The pump dispenser on the bottle allows you to choose the right quantity without overuse and wastage of the product that can happen with flip top lids that dispense too much. Applying once or twice daily, the milk glides over the skin easily, before absorbing into the skin quickly, leaving a soft and hydrated base. Light enough to be used in summer, it also can be added to your winter body care routine because it works great under body oils and sunscreens. Purchase the Gallinée body milk to elevate your body care routine and help you feel comfortable within your own skin. X Neil.