Create Your Own Scent Wardrobe.

Build your own scent wardrobe by discovering luxury fragrances sent directly to your door from Sniph. Finding your personal fragrance can be a time consuming task and can leave you overwhelmed with the huge choices available on the scent market today. Advertising and marketing can draw your attention to specific eye-appealing bottles, but on the first spray you can experience disappointment and your new fragrance is then left untouched and your out of pocket. Finding the right fragrance to suit you, or someone you may know, has just got easier thanks to sniph's expert knowledge and introducing you to exciting new brands.
Sniph is available for men and women to choose from 6 collections that u can identify with. The great thing is, if u are unsure which collection to choose from you can take the sniph-quiz that will help determine which type of fragrances you will receive. The online quiz asks some easy questions, before whizzing you through to the final outcome, and in no time your be discovering and wearing exclusive fragrance brands. The no commitment and free shipping is a big plus for me, as well as being from £9 pounds a month and having 30 days of fragrance that is provided in a smart case, whats not to love? Sniph partners with amazing perfume houses worldwide to provide a unique and exclusive service that is entirely up to you to be a part of.
Sniph help you find that special fragrance you have been searching for or can help you build your very own scent wardrobe. Looking at your current scent collection, do you reach for a scent to suit a specific occasion or to influence your well-being? You apply a scent for work, a different scent for a date, or just a scent that can lift your mood on first spray, this is your scent wardrobe! The unseeable magic of scents go far beyond the eye-appeal of the design of the bottle or the colour of the juice inside, its how they influence, evoke, and are an extension of you. Sniph focuses on these qualities to provide and match fragrances that you will discover and fall in love with when they arrive each month.
Out of the six Sniph collections available, i was matched with Aesthetic for Men which is made up of seductive and captivating scents. The specific collection suits if you are original, playful and never smelling like everyone else, surprisingly accurate! The secure package arrives and the excitement builds to find out what has been chosen for you that month, before taking the lid of the stylish box. You will be greeted by a presentable booklet detailing about sniph, information about fragrances compositions, and a card explaining the scent just waiting to be tried. Placing the EDP into the scent case is very easy, lowering it into the case slowly until no further, you can then proceed to twist the base to reveal and hide the spray head accordingly.
My scent of the month was somewhat surprising with no disappointment felt, just amazement and excitement! Tomboy Neroli EDP from the worlds leading fragrance creators PARLE MOI DE Parfum, is a unisex scent that performs beautifully, without being confusing. The three notes Orange Blossom, Neroli and Amber work together to create an oriental floral fragrance that is fresh, rich and deep. Silage is heavy and longevity is long lasting, whilst the spray head on the applicator is excellent when applying any scent as one or two sprays is all you need. The scent is perfect for wearing with a a crisp shirt and your favourite jeans, taking life to your own pace while leaving a fresh aroma in your shadow.  Thank you Sniph for introducing a scent i would never of experienced without your great service and i can enjoy the scent anytime of the day because the smart case is bag and travel friendly. Create your own scent wardrobe and use the discount code blondemaleblog5 to take 5GBP off your first box, Enjoy x Neil.