The Cleanser That Balances & Respects The Skin.

Cleanse and balance skin instantly, when applying the Corpore Sanctum rebalance me aloe vera foaming cleanser. The Vegan-friendly brand, create and present organic and natural products to offer an exclusive product range with your skins integrity at the forefront. The wide variety of products available help you to easily choose which products are suitable for you, while the distinctive packaging sets them apart from other brands.

Cleansed skin is one of the most important skin care rules to follow to remove dirt, oil, and other things your skin can attract throughout the day. The skin on your face is continually covered in pollutants, viruses, while also having dead skin cells present that all need to be removed. Daily cleansing the skin removes these impurities, but does your cleanser remove these efficiently all while respecting the pH levels of your skin?
The rebalance me aloe vera foaming cleanser was created to maintain the correct pH balance of the skin, for the skin to remain balanced the acid mantle will naturally stay slightly acidic with a pH of around 4.5-5.5. The importance of using products that respect this balance is essential to prevent the skin from rising to be alkaline, skin becomes compromised and presented as dry and sensitive, while being acceptable to skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema for example.

The unique no tears formulation in the foaming cleanser is not only respectful to the sensitive eye-area, it will also help to dissolve any waterproof eye makeup. Dispensing a few pumps in your hand, apply the gel to the eye area for 1-2 minutes to allow the cleanser to do its work. Everyday cleansing requires applying the gel to wet skin to initiate the slight foaming action for a respectful deep cleanse with a natural delightful aroma.
I was quite surprised on how the colourless gel formula cleanses extremely well, while also leaving skin perfectly smooth, soft, and hydrated! I usually stay away from foaming cleansers as they tend to leave my skin feeling taut and dry because of their formulation that gives them that foaming action, not this one! A foaming cleanser that effectively detoxifies the skin, while balancing and respecting it! Add the cleanser into your skin care routine to experience its potential and use the code DIRTY20 for 20% off, X Neil.