The Violet Heart Konjac Sponge.

Upgrade your skin care routine when incorporating the indemne i love k konjac sponge into your cleansing routine. Originating from japan, the natural skin care trend took the beauty market by storm because it is made from natural konjac root (a vegetable from Asia) to boosts skins natural glow. The effective method gently exfoliates dead skin cells, while offering a gentle cleanse even for the most sensitive of skins.

Konjac sponges present themselves as a hard and rigid sponge when dry, but once soaked in water they soften up ready to be used for your cleansing routine. The different coloured konjac sponges available represent what different active ingredients maybe present, such as green for green tea, red for clay, the violet represents a full cleanse with calming and soothing properties for sensitive skin types.
Filling the sink up and allowing the konjac to soak for up to a minute, you will know when its is ready to be used by its transforming state to a flexible soft sponge, you can then ring out any excess water for it to be ready to use. Used with your favourite cleanser or on its own, using circular motions over the whole face (even the eye area) will ensure a deep and thorough cleanse with a natural exfoliation method.
You can even use the konjac sponge to perform a double cleanse by using your cleanser first and then rinsing and using it on its own without any products. A double cleanse is great in the evening to rid the skin of any pollutants and of course your daily skin care products. Once you have finished with the konjac sponge, you rinse thoroughly and then leave to hang up to air-dry sufficiently. Konjac sponges should be replaced every six weeks, you will soon know when to replace as they are biodegradable and will lose their shape and quality, don't forget to place them in your compost bins when your done! Add the violet heart konjac sponge into your skin care regime for soft, smooth, and glowing skin! X Neil.