The Smoothing Heel And Foot Balm Treatment!

Give your feet a natural foot treatment when applying the Natura Siberica smoothing heel and foot balm. Natura Siberica is the first cosmetic brand, based on wild harvested herbs certified by ICEA (Italy) and exclusive natural ingredients sourced from Siberia. To survive extreme Siberian conditions the herbs and plants synthesise highly protective active ingredients, and have extraordinary antioxidant properties. Natura Siberica use these unique properties of Siberian plants from their organic farms to create cosmetics that will provide your skin with extraordinary vital power and natural visible results.
The rich smoothing heel and foot balm combines well-known ingredients to restore and soften dry, rough heels and calloused skin. Organic Yakut Bur Marigold provides a gentle soothing effect for tired heavy feet seeking a natural revival, while wild harvested Siberian pine provides perfect moisture. Organic beeswax aids smoothness in rough textured skin, while Siberian fir oil delivers much needed nourishment and restorative properties to dry and damaged skin. The heel and foot balm treatment has been formulated without including Parabens, Peg (polyethylene glycol), Silicone's, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Glycol's, and Mineral Oils.
The smoothing heel and foot balm is presented in a squeezable tube with a twist off lid, while the texture is that of a thick moisturiser. Applying to clean feet, concentrating on the heels and any dry spots, you can then proceed to smooth over the whole foot. The light cooling sensation instantly soothes tired feet (great to use after work), while the balm instantly delivers essential moisture to compromised dry and rough skin. Skin feels smooth and soft, without feeling greasy, so you could apply this balm in the morning, before your socks and shoes, for an all-day foot treatment. Give your feet a much needed treatment anytime, when applying this amazing natural foot treatment! X Neil.