The Hairy Jayne Floral Hair Perfume With Heat Protection.

Scent and protect your hair with a few sprays of the Hairy Jayne floral hair perfume with heat protection. The perfumed hair freshener is your go-to hair product that can be used to refresh, restyle, while also adding shine and calming frizz for any hair type or colour. The vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula does not contain any animal derived ingredients, while the see-through brown bottle is quite handy to see just how much of this hair multi-tasker you have left, before you run out.
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The floral hair perfume combines geranium, bergamot, and vanilla to lightly linger the hair with a natural and sweet floral bouquet. Applying to dry hair to refresh your style, if you do not like to wash your every day, is a great tip if time is not on your side in the mornings. You can also apply to damp hair to protect the hair from any heat from your hairdryer, while also applying to dry hair to protect the hair from styling tongs and hair straighteners.  The sulfate and paraben free formula is fragranced with essential oils and the ingredients are listed as follows:

Alcohol Denat - Typically used in some styling products to speed up the drying process.
Cyclomethicone - A popular heat protectant silicone to use in hair care products because it provides that silky feeling without weighing the hair down and does not cause product build-up. 
Isopropyl Myristate - A non-greasy emollient that is used to boost shine and gloss the hair. 
Pelargonium Graveolens Oil - The Geranium essential oil is used to strengthen hair strands. 
Citrus Bergamia Peel Oil Expressed - The Bergamot essential oil boosts shine, while protecting hair from stresses. 
Parfum - Helps your product smell better.
Limonene - Naturally present in essential oils when they are used to "Scent" a product.
Linalool - Naturally present in essential oils when they are used to "Scent" a product.
Geraniol - Naturally present in essential oils when they are used to "Scent" a product.
Citronellol - Added in many products to function as a fragrance ingredient. 
Benzyl Alcohol - Used to prolong the freshness of any product and is a natural constituent of a few essential oils.
Citral - A naturally derived ingredient that is used to fragrance a product.  
Coumarin - A fragrant that has a sweet and vanilla scent. 
Farnesol - Present in many essential oils, it is used to enhance a fragrance and to regulate the scent each time it is used. 
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The spray applicator delivers a fine mist to ensure an even coverage, but u can section and part the hair to make sure all your hair is benefiting. A brush or comb glides through the hair easier and i also noticed that the blow-drying time it usually takes is much quicker! The hair feels soft and smooth, without being weighed down by a ton of product, while frizz has been banished but replaced with a natural looking shine. The Hairy Jayne floral hair perfume with heat protection is your multitasking product to guarantee you more good hair days, rather than bad! X Neil.