Antonin .B Natural Luxury Hair Care.

Replenish and strengthen dry damaged hair when applying the easy-to-use products from the Antonin .B natural luxury hair care range. The award-winning certified organic and natural based products instantly moisturise and provide important nourishment with their high-quality formulations. The cruelty-free brand only use the highest quality of ingredients, while respecting the source from nature, you will not find any endangered plants or palm oil in any of the products.
Natural hair products are great to use to reset the health of your hair and provide long term benefits when used regularly, unlike chemical loaded based products that deliver instant results but do not provide or fix a hair problem you may be struggling with. Antonin .B products contain a selection of essential oils (precaution if your pregnant to consult a health care provider for advice) and do not contain any harsh synthetic or preservatives, after opening keep away from heat and light and use within 12 months. *Disclaimer I was sent both products for free, but this does not change my honest opinion written in my blog posts. The links in blue are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the product quicker!
The Antonin .B ceramides enriched desert serum utilises a powerful combination of botanicals and plant based oils to transform dry, colour treated, and chemically processed hair. The lightweight oil deeply penetrates the hair easily to strengthen, hydrate, and boost an incredible natural shine for a quick and easy daily treatment. Restoring the natural lipids that can be lost when using too much heat and colouring the hair, this hydrating oil smooths any rough cuticles and keeps every strand hydrated from application. The UV and light resistant black glass bottle is accompanied with a pipette dropper dispenser to apply 2-4 drops to your hands and warming the oil up before application. Applying to the hair before any blow drying or heat styling will protect the hair, while also speeding up your drying time and making styling easier. Performing a deep treatment once a week or month is an additional benefit you can perform for your hair by dispensing half a pipette full and applying to damp hair for an overnight hair treatment, before washing out in the morning. The natural scent instantly influences your wellbeing and i was impressed on how this oil does not make the hair look greasy or weigh it down, add it into your hair care routine for all of its natural goodness!
The Antonin .B intense honey butter is your styling aid to provide and deliver deep moisture with its nutrient contents. The rich hair wax melts upon contact from the heat from your hands to turn into a light-weight oil for styling and providing movement for curls, waves, and any styles you would like to keep in place. Keeping the hair hydrated and moisturised will help to combat frizz, while the butter also helps to aid softness, boost elasticity to stop breakage, and bring a dazzling shine to dull hair. Presented in a UV and light resistant black glass jar there is also a applicator to help you scoop the wax out, before applying to the hair. Rubbing half a pea size into your hands to warm the butter up, you can then apply to mid lengths and the ends for a quick and easy treatment. Applying to damp hair for a deep treatment, you can mix two drops of the desert serum with the butter on any distressed areas for a pre-shampoo treatment left on the hair for half hour, before washing out with your shampoo. The natural scent is enjoyable each time the butter is used and i was impressed on how quickly the hair feels restored, without feeling sticky or overly-greasy and does not weigh the hair down, add this into your hair care for a multitasking styling aid that provides deep moisture!

The Antonin .B products work effectively to help restore the hair structure on a deeper level, while aiding and supporting the hairs general health for future benefits. The natural ingredients work over time to replenish and support the hair, though with one use I saw an improvement with hydration, easy styling, and manageability that will keep me going back to these products with the results I have seen and experienced. You can apply the products in the morning for an all day hair perfection look and style, overnight for a deep restoring treatment, or apply to the hair for a pre-wash experience to lock in moisture and hydration. Check out this natural luxury hair care brand that promises more good hair days, rather than bad! X Neil.