Luxury Niche Perfume From MEMOIZE LONDON.

Create or experience special memories when encountering one of the luxury niche fragrances from MEMOIZE LONDON. The British fine fragrance brand has created a collection of beautifully crafted scents to evoke special emotions, feelings and memories, whilst reviving the senses with their influencing aroma. The broad range of luxury scents for men and women are presented in beautiful packaging and are available from either the "Dark Range" or "Light Range" meanwhile "Sample Sets" can be purchased to experience the whole range before purchasing your chosen full-sized scent. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated are only used for you to find and discover the products quicker.
The MEMOIZE LONDON SUPERBIA sample is presented in a 2.0 ml spray applicator and is bag-friendly to be sprayed when and wherever you are. Opening with top notes of rose, ylang-ylang, and orchid infused by fine woods, the middle and base notes of rich oud wood, leather, amber, musk and patchouli bring many dimensions to this fragrance. The floral notes sitting in the background, while the other counterparts bring spice and depth throughout the longevity wear you will experience from the evocative aroma. Available from the "Dark Range" you will only need one spray on the pulse points to bring pride, joy and delight.
The MEMOIZE LONDON ERA sample is presented in a 2.0 ml spray applicator and will be a favourite for any oriental fragrance wearer. Opening with saffron that joyfully compliments the middle floral notes iris, ylang-ylang, and jasmine, the scent transforms to a creamy warmth depth thanks to the base notes myrrh, amber, oud, and leather. I would describe ERA as an oriental scent with a warm and spicy character that lasts for quite some time after the initial first spray. Available from the "Dark Range" this influential scent brings passion, encouragement, and power with just one spritz on the pulse points.
The MEMOIZE LONDON IMPERIA by Rowan Row is the newer fragrance to join the "Exclusive Range" and does not disappoint. Opening with a refreshing citrus lemon and bergamot, before combining with notes of aromatic fougere, and the herbs lavender, clary sage, mint, IMPERIA infuses a base of black amber, leather, woods, musk, and moss. Spraying on the pulse points, the unique scent stands out in the crowd, while bringing a sense of empowerment and strength to the wearer that lasts throughout the day or night from the very first spray.
All MEMOIZE LONDON fragrances have been safety and stability tested and are not tested on animals. The fragrances have a shelf live of 36 months from opening, whilst all the fragrances have a recommended life span of 6 years from point of manufacture. Keep away from heat or an open flame, they are flammable, and keep out of the reach of children. Personalise your new perfume with a bespoke cap that can include a name, special date, or occasion, but note there is a lead time of 1 week for personalised bespoke caps. Experience and enjoy your luxury niche perfume from MEMOIZE LONDON to evoke or create your very own memories, X Neil.