Get To Know The Lifestyle Brand Purechimp

Get to know the lifestyle brand PureChimp that utilise natural ingredients in their products, while also donating 5% of their profits to provide complete care for chimpanzees. Avoiding all artificial ingredients to only include pure, they also consider product and shipping packaging to be environmentally friendly. Presenting their popular matcha tea range, while you can also buy some eye-appealing matcha accessories, PureChimp also provide a vegan-friendly skincare range. Disclaimer: I was sent the products for free because i belong to a blogger program, this does not influence or change my honest opinion written in my blog posts. All the links in back are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the product quicker.
The skin care range from PureChimp uses a selection of natural oils to soothe the most sensitive of skins, while using banana extract to provide moisturising and hydrating benefits. Providing natural cleansers, hydrating skin oils, shampoo and soap bars, you will find a product that you will love with each application. The vegan-friendly PureChimp natural body oil is presented in a 150ml glass bottle with a spray applicator and features five hydrating oils to nourish any skin type. Applying morning and evening ideally to damp skin to lock in hydration, the oil quickly absorbs to leave skin feeling moisturised without feeling greasy or sticky. The banana extract included in the formula smells delicious upon application, before lingering to a light vanilla scent when the oil is fully absorbed by the skin. A highly recommended alcohol free body oil that absorbs quickly and helps the skin feel and look healthier!
The PureChimp matcha green tea is available in its regular form or with different flavours, while it can be used in hot drinks, juices, smoothies, and even baking! Rich in antioxidants, matcha green tea has been shown to improve concentration and boost the metabolism, while also reducing free radicals that can cause damage to your health and skin. Available in a glass jar or sachet packets that you can seal back up after use, the matcha green tea leaves are grounded down to form a fine powder. Serving 1/2 a level teaspoon to any drink or food ("Get Creative") you can experience the many benefits the authentic Japanese matcha has to offer. The mint matcha green tea is perfect to refresh your thoughts and taste buds mid-day, while the lemon matcha green tea is great for those detoxifying mornings to help revive yourself for the day. See the full range of products available from this fun and healthy lifestyle brand X Neil.


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