Build A Skincare Routine With Facetheory.

Easily build your very own skincare routine from the wide range of products made available from Facetheory that are created to be vegan, natural, and cruelty-free. The cleverly put-together products allow the consumer to pick and choose which products they would like to use, without having to second guess if you can use the products together, which can leave you feeling confused. Facetheory take the confusion out of the skincare market and even offer unscented products to suit the most sensitive of skin types, so we can all experience the easy-to use products made in their own lab situated in the United Kingdom. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the products quicker.
Applying the right face mask will help you address some skin concerns you may have such as congestion, unbalanced skin, while helping to draw out impurities. It is important when choosing this skincare product that it is suited to your skin type and that it will help to contribute to a healthier complexion, otherwise you could see little results. The Facetheory Pink Clay AHA Face Mask uses a combination of ingredients to provide a multitasking treatment for all skin-types. Applying to a cleansed base to help the mask fulfil its potential with no interaction from other products left on the skin, the ultra-light pink clay mask should be applied evenly over the whole face. Pink clay is known to be light on the skin and is helpful to restore, soften, and deeply cleanse for a purified complexion experience. The added organic argan and jojoba oil are rich in fatty acids to hydrate and soften dry patches, while being high in Vitamin E they are a great for being non-greasy and non-irritating and are easily absorbed by the skin. Skin tone is helped by the stabilised Vitamin C included in the mask (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) is known to protect the skin from free radicals and this is why they are called an antioxidant, while the added lactic acid works gently to exfoliate dead skin cells and helps to keep the skin moisturised for longer. The gritty texture in the formulation is that of  walnut shells that offer a psychical exfoliation method, just remember your not trying to sand a bit of wood its your skin, but you can gently wash the mask off easily if you don't wish to buff the skin.
The mask is great to reach for if your looking for a combined treatment for the skin without having to use different products, the complexion looks revitalised and the skin feels hydrated and balanced all after ten minutes!
Give the skin an intense shot of non-irritating skin-loving ingredients when applying the Facetheory Regena C20 Serum that improves and protects the complexion with each application. Incorporating a 20% stabilised Vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) in the formulation to brighten and help uneven skin tone, this water-soluble stable form (ferulic acid stabilises it) protects the skin from free radical damage and has been shown to be helpful for those who suffer with spots and acne. The gentle lactic acid also helps to buff away dead skin cells and helps the barrier function of the skin to function better, helping the skin to retain its moisture. Boosting the skins elasticity is welcomed from the dill herb extract that firms and smooths signs of ageing, while the liquorice root extract soothes with its anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to combat pigmentation and sun spots. Shaking the bottle to activate the ingredients, apply to areas of the face you wish to treat or all over for a multi-tasking skin treatment with the easy application from the dropper tool. The serum appears to be of a milky colour and glides over the skin really easily to instantly hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid, squalane, aloe vera and Vitamin B5 panthenol, without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky and ready for application of your chosen moisturiser and sunscreen. Incorporating a topical Vitamin C into your skin care routine has been shown to promote collagen production, while also helping to shield the skin from daily aggressors, this is why it is suggested to use with a sunscreen in your routine as it boosts the protection! The Regena C20 Serum works well with other products you may use in your skin care routine, but certainly includes all the skin care benefits you may want when looking for a face serum to use.
Hydrate and treat the lips when applying the Facetheory Lipabalm Bioactive Lip Balm that is a new vegan-friendly lip product that doesn't use beeswax or petroleum as a base. The creamy formula incorporates hydrating ingredients that can also boost collagen, while also helping to reduce inflammation that can impact the lips. Containing a raspberry seed extract (raspberry seed oil/tocopheryl succinate aminopropandiol) it acts as an excellent skin conditioner to provide relief for lips that are distressed and in need of comfort, along with Ricinus communis seed oil (caster oil) that has been used for centuries for its skincare benefits. Hydrating the lips with cocos nucifera oil that is a natural humectant and stops moisture loss, butyrosepermum parkii butter penetrates the skin to help repair and soothe, without leaving that greasy feeling you can experience from petroleum, beeswax or mineral oil lip products. The lithospermum erythrorhizon (gromwell root extract) used in Chinese medicine is known to soothe, while also helping to aid in skin dryness by producing a moisturising effect and alleviating water loss from already dry compromised skin. The lip balm is nicely presented in an amber glass jar and can be easily transferred to the lips by either using your fingertips or any lip brush you may own. Gliding over the lips easily, the hydrating and non greasy formula immediately nourishes, while a light coconut taste can be detected if you lick your lips from the cocos nucifera (coconut) extract ingredient included. The lip balm is an essential lip-treatment that can be used to nurture the lips if u have used any drying lip cosmetic products, you are looking for an overnight lip balm, or wanting a travel-friendly lip care product that will prime and prep your lips for the day. X Neil.