The Alteya Certified Organic Sunscreen Rose Face Cream SPF30.

Protect and nourish the skin when applying the new Alteya Certified Organic Sunscreen Rose Face Cream SPF30. Alteya Organics is an award-winning family owned buisness that provides certified organic and beauty products with scientific research. Presenting a high quality and sustainability range, the products are USDA or NaTrue Certified Organic, Animal-cruelty-free, Chemical-free, Earth-friendly, GMO free, whilst they never use Parabens, Petrolatum, Paraffin, dyes, mineral oil, and any other chemical preservatives. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the product.
The Alteya Organics Certified Organic Sunscreen Rose Face Cream SPF30 offers protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays. Containing 20% of non-nano uncoated zinc oxide at 20%, this highly researched ingredient (zinc oxide) is typically used in topical products because of the many benefits it provides. Helping to combat any skin inflammations and improve collagen synthesis, it can also help keep moisture locked in the skin with its protective layer when applied. The Physical mineral is able to block ultraviolet rays by reflecting and scattering them away from the skin, rather than a chemical sunscreen that usually tends to absorb these rays and tries to stop them penetrating deeper. Sunscreens can be very complex on application with how they apply, look and feel on the skin, this contributes to the love/hate relationship you may have experienced. I love applying and using chemical and mineral protection products, whilst some others that fall into those categories my skin and eye area has hated and reacted.
The Alteya Certified Organic Sunscreen Rose Face Cream SPF30 is presented in a bottle with pump applicator for the desired amount to be dispensed. Featuring hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, Shea butter and vitamin e, the nourishing formula also combines a selection of nourishing oils known for their beneficial content to improve the skin. Applying generously over the face you will notice the pink colour of the formulation that offers a sheer tint, if you are super pale or have a cool complexion u may notice the warmth from this. Blending into the skin, i was really impressed on how quickly it dries down to leave the skin feeling matte and looking non-greasy, while a rose scent can be detected from the natural ingredient included. My skin felt hydrated and respected all day with no stingy or watery eyes that i can sometimes experience because for some reason any sunscreen i use decides to travel up or down to that area. Experience a nourishing face cream with proven mineral protection, when applying the Alteya Certified Organic Sunscreen Rose Face Cream SPF30 daily, x Neil.