Altr London Introduce Male Grooming And Cosmetics.

Get to know Altr London, the male grooming and cosmetics company who's innovative products are quickly gaining popularity for their skin-friendly products. The brand was created by Alex Doyle who was looking for products to help with his skin problems, but unfortunately the male market offers very little to help and there are only a few products to select that might not even be suited to your skin type or problem. Altr London present a range that is designed for oilier and blemish prone skin types and only use ingredients that help counteract this by removing excess oil and helping to minimise breakouts, whilst also helping to boost your inner confidence. Read on to discover more....Disclaimer: the links in blue are not affiliated and are only used for to find the products quicker.
Keeping the skin cleansed is essentially important to remove impurities your skin can pick-up throughout the day such as dirt, pollutants, viruses and bacteria. Cleansing the skin in the morning also helps to remove dead skin cells and helps to prepare the skin for any products you wish to apply after. The premium face wash features a natural emulsifier and a coconut derived foaming agent to break down any products or grime on your skin, without stripping it of its essential moisture. In fact the face wash utilises chamomile and aloe vera to calm and soothe any troubled complexion, whilst Acai extract acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin from any free radicals that can contribute to damaged skin. Applying to damp or wet skin, use your fingertips to ensure the product distributes evenly, before washing off to experience a deep cleanse that leaves your complexion looking fresh and hydrated morning and night.
Applying a moisturiser is essential for all skin types to provide hydration, to keep skin balanced, and act as a barrier between your skin and the environment. The many moisturisers available on the market today can sometimes go overboard with their claims of "Hydration" that leaves your skin feeling like its been coated in grease and your waiting for the product to somewhat absorb. The Altr London moisturiser is designed for sensitive and problematic skin that features a combination of active ingredients, but their formulation is perfectly balanced to provide hydration whilst absorbing quickly. The creamy but light formulation contains cocoa butter and witch hazel to offer support to the skin, vitamin E for its antioxidant protection, and the humectant glycerin that keeps skin hydrated by attracting moisture from the air. Applying a small amount to the face and neck, the moisturiser glides over the skin easily dispersing from a cream texture into water, before absorbing quickly with a cooling sensation to leave skin perfectly hydrated with no grease or residue detected!
Finding the right product to correct redness and boost your complexion for a more uniformed skin-tone can be a hard task to complete, some products only provide one benefit and the colour pigment they use in their formulations is nothing close to a human skin tone. The blemish balm is formulated to reduce redness, help with blemishes, and brightens the complexion from one single application because of the ingredients included. Formulated with the multitasking wheatgerm oil that provides the skin with nutritional vitamins, avocado oil delivers antioxidant protection, whilst aloe vera and Bisabolol Racemic soothe and repair unbalanced skin. Applying evenly to the face using your fingers or a beauty blender (It's Entirely Up To You) the blemish balm is quick and easy to use and leaves the skin with a matte finish and a natural believable tint. Available in three shades, light, medium, or bronze, any novice can ace their base with buildable natural coverage.
Conceal and hide imperfections such as pimples, spots, and dark under eye circles when applying this non-drying formulation. The face fix is your go-to product when those pesky imperfections make an appearance (Embrace Your Flaws) and your looking for a skin-friendly confidence boost. Formulated with carnauba wax for emollient properties and a natural glow finish, kaolin helps draw out any clog-poring impurities from that unexpected visitor, whilst the nutrient-rich candelilla wax is well-tolerated by the skin. Applying using your ring ringer you will notice the face fix remind you of a lip balm in texture, but covers up anything u want to hide with a natural looking colour that leaves the skin feeling non-greasy but hydrated. Available in four shades, light, medium, dark, or bronze the travel-friendly face fix is your complexions best friend.
Easily add a sunkissed glow or create an all over bronzed look to the complexion, when applying the easy to use matte bronzing gel. Applying at the end of your skincare regime after sunscreen, you can also use after applying the blemish balm and face fix to bring dimension to the face. Remembering to mimic where the sun naturally hits which are the forehead, nose, cheekbones and jawline, the quick drying formula is mess-free and provides an instant natural look. The bronzing gel is also good to add tone for anyone who has a natural or fake tan because the skin is not just one colour it features either warm, cool, or neutral undertones. You can apply subtly or build the colour up with each application that provides the complexion with a natural looking tint and a matte shine-free finish, x Neil.