The Perfume Refinery Presents Affordable Fragrances.

Experience similar scented perfumes for the fraction of the cost when exploring the extensive range from The Perfume Refinery. Designed, developed and manufactured by a cosmetic chemist who's worked up in the senior level developing everything cosmetic, we are promised to see more personal care development from the perfume refinery, exciting! Wearing your chosen scent is an extension of your personality whilst it also can influence your mood for the day and night from the accords and notes it includes. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products, I did purchase the scent!
Presenting a collection of male perfume and womens perfume, The Perfume Refinery has a selection of eau de toilette's and eau de parfum's to experience and enjoy in volumes of 30ml or 50ml. The easy to-use website brilliantly displays each scent and describes in detail what the aroma in the bottle will actually smell like so u get an idea before purchasing. Available also is the summer shimmer collection that adds movement to the perfume when shaken and sets itself apart from other scents you may have in your collection. Applying to pulse points of the body such as the neck and wrists, you can also spritz over a body moisturiser and the hair for maximum potency to leave a trail of mystery wherever you go.
Delivered worldwide your chosen fragrance is presented in a black gift box that is perfect to store your fragrance in when not in-use because sunlight can breakdown any scent and age it faster. The rectangle design of the bottle fits perfectly in your hand and the atomizer head delivers a perfection of fine mist with each spray. Experiencing Black Opium that is a warm and spicy oriental fragrance, i was complimented on numerous occasions about its sophisticated aroma, whilst i did receive two samples of other scents with my purchase. Honeysuckle Petals would be a winner with any floral lovers who want to experience a bright floral fragrance with added sweetness, whilst Bamboo is a sparkling floral with a rich and warm base. The other samples available to try before you buy are Aventis Pour Le Femme (Similar To Creed) a fresh and fruity Eau de Toilette, Irish Tweed (For Him) a sensual fresh fougere Eau de Parfum, White Love (Similar To Creed Love In White) a romantic floral Eau de Toilette, Cafe Rouge (Similar To Tom Fords Cafe Rose) a oriental floral Eau de Toilette, Black Orchid (Similar To Tom Ford Black Orchid) a spicy gourmand/oriental Eau de Toilette. Explore high-quality affordable fragrances from The Perfume Refinery to purchase for yourself or to gift to that special someone, x Neil.