The Restorative Hair Mask For Coloured Hair.

Replenish and hydrate colour treated hair when applying the surya brasil color fixation restorative hair mask. Colouring hair can leave the hair feeling rough and dehydrated because the chemical process has to penetrate the cuticle to change the existing pigment to your desired result. The raised cuticle then can stay open and end-up even more damaged if heat tools are used for styling and the wrong products are used that will exacerbate this problem even more. Finding products that will help the structure of your coloured hair whilst also making your colour look salon fresh can be frustrating but this intensive mask is able to achieve this easily. Disclaimer: The link in blue is not affiliated and is only used for you to discover the product quicker.
The surya brasil color fixation restorative hair mask features a formula that enriches each strand with Cupuacu Butter and Buriti Oil, Rice Protein, whilst 15 herbal extracts and natural exotic fruits from India and the Amazon rainforest all play an important rule. The formulation does NOT contain parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrance, or any silicone's that coat the hair for a temporary effect until washed off with a clarifying shampoo. Presented in a tub with a twist off lid, there is also another protective lid present that stops any spillage of the product and once this is removed you can now access and apply the product.
Shampooing the hair to remove any pollution and styling products will leave the hair in a natural state with a clean base to apply any intensive treatment that will be able to penetrate and work to its full potential. Squeezing out the excess water to leave the hair feeling damp, you can now proceed to apply this lightweight but intensive treatment from the roots to the tips of your hair and leave for 15 minutes. Boosting any hair treatment when applied can be achieved by covering the hair with a shower cap and warm towel to help the formulation of any product to penetrate each hair strand effectively to get maximum results from the product used.
I was really impressed with the hair mask on application because it is lightweight in texture and you only need to use a little to be able to cover the whole of the head accompanied by its aromatic and unique fragrance. Rinsing the hair with luke-warm water i can always tell how great a mask has worked or if it has not, i was surprised on how smooth my hair felt during this stage while the mask easily rinses out leaving no residue behind. Applying a conditioner after any hair mask is essential because all conditioners play a role to seal the hair cuticle and this is what u need to do to keep the goodness u have just supplied to the hair from any mask used. I do like to feel the hair before applying any styling product to seek if any results have been achieved and i was impressed on how hydrated my hair felt without any weigh-down (fine hair texture and coloured blonde) while the drying time was cut down and the hair looks shinier and healthier. The surya brasil color fixation restorative hair mask promises hydration and softness while boosting brightness and vitality of your hair colour, i would agree with this and is certainly a must-have mask for coloured hair seeking an intensive treatment! x Neil.