The Humectant That Hydrates Skin And Hair.

Applying any humectant to the skin and hair will draw moisture from the air that will help and enhance the ability to hydrate itself. The vegan-friendly & cruelty-free skin care brand Ayumi present their pure glycerine that can be used for the face, body, and hair for the main purpose to hydrate. Popular in most beauty products by reading the ingredient list, it is usually mixed with occlusive's in the products formulation to trap any moisture that this superb ingredient brings to aid in relieving dry skin conditions with its emollient properties, whilst also helping to balance oilier and acne skin types and bring hydration to hair. Disclaimer: The links in blue are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the product.
Presented in a clear bottle with flip top lid, you receive 150ml of (vegetable origin) 100% Glycerin (BP GRADE) that is vegan approved from the vegetarian society. It is suggested it is suitable for all skin types (always a do a patch test when using any new product) because it is not oily or occlusive meaning its not adding anything to the skin to block the pores because its non-comedogenic. I really like that Ayumi have presented a glycerin product that has no added fragrance because the last thing you are wanting to do is put fragrance anywhere near compromised dry skin and on your face. Glycerine sometimes can tend to be sticky so playing around when diluting it will help with your satisfaction, i tend to use a 1 or 2 tablespoons depending on the size of bottle but how do you use this simple ingredient?
I always apply diluted glycerine to damp skin to lock in the surface moisture because it is noted that if there is no moisture content for it to draw in, it will pull it from the deeper levels of the skin. You can mix it with rosewater for a refreshing toner, add to face masks or create your own using fresh fruits, or simply apply to a damp body using a spray bottle after a shower or bath for a hydration boost. Treating the hair and scalp is easy by mixing the glycerine with distilled water and your usual conditioner in a spray bottle and leaving on the hair for up to 5 minutes to enjoy the cooling effect, before washing off with your current shampoo. Incorporate glycerine in the last step of your hair washing routine by adding it to your last rinse in a jug after shampooing and conditioning for hydrated and smooth hair. The many ways you can use this humectant ingredient is endless and this is why it is featured in many products because it easily hydrates the skin and hair, x Neil.