The New Organic AHA Facial Toner That Illuminates And Brightens The Complexion.

Smooth the texture of the skin whilst brightening the complexion when incorporating the joik illuminating & brightening AHA facial toner into your skincare routine. Featuring five AHA fruit acids blended with sea-buckthorn and red clover extract, this skincare product is great for those who don't like to use physical scrubs. The three important rules to follow for optimum health of the skin are to cleanse, exfoliate, and then hydrate for a well-balanced skin that will be receptive of other skincare products when applied. I personally love AHA and BHA toners but what is the difference and how does the JOIK facial toner perform? Disclaimer: The link in blue is not affiliated and is only used for you to discover the product.
The joik AHA facial toner only contains AHA'S which are known as alpha hydroxy acids that speed up cell-turnover by breaking the bonds between skin cells to help shed them and reveal a brighter complexion. Dry skin loves any AHA because they are made up of molecular water soluble acids that help to improve the moisture content within the skin, whilst BHA'S are more suited to acne prone skin types because it penetrates deeper and effectively cleans out the pores. Sun damage and the signs of ageing can be improved when applying any AHA because it provides surface renewal of the complexion, the JOIK toner uniquely blends glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid - from bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon.
Presented in a glass bottle with a dispensing pump, apply the facial toner after cleansing to a cotton pad that is swiped over the face and neck, but avoiding the eye area. The active ingredients are all in a base of organic cornflower water that helps to soothe and calm the skin when the AHA's are exfoliating, while the vitamin extracts of sea buckthorn and red clover help to restore the skins vitality. The fragrance free toner has a natural scent from the cornflower water when applied but leaves the skin feeling instantly smooth and soft, whilst absorbing quite quickly with no tingling sensation i experienced. You can apply both morning and evening but depending on how your skin tolerates any AHA product, applying just once can still give you the same benefits you may be wanting and hoping for. The most important product you should apply after any chemical exfoliant is a broad spectrum sunscreen that will help protect the vulnerable photosensitive skin against any irritation and damage. Keep fresh healthy cells at the surface for a brighter and fresher complexion when incorporating the joik illuminating & brightening organic AHA facial toner into your skin care routine, x Neil.