The wellbeing Nizou Scented Candles.

Influence your wellbeing when choosing between the mood enhancing Nizou scented candles that effortlessly smell divine. The eco-friendly and hand-poured candles feature a cotton/linen wick whilst the candle itself is made up of soy bean wax mixed with its specific influential scent. Soy candles have proven to be popular than paraffin candles because they burn cleaner and produce much less pollutants in the air whilst also being environmentally friendly because soybeans are a renewable resource. Read on to discover what is included in the Nizou scented candles range, disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products.
The handmade Nizou candles are perfectly presented in a box, great as a gift for that special someone, whilst the candle itself is presented in a glass container with a 35 hour burn time. All the six candles in the range (for now) are of 190g and these are as follows:
  • Nizou Romantic Damask Rose Scented Candle - Fragrance of rose with jasmine, lily of the valley that is supported with woody notes. Buy It Now.
  • Nizou Soothing Lavender and Geranium Scented Candle - Fragrance of  lavender, geranium, and juniper berries. But It Now.
  • Nizou Relaxing Sandalwood Scented Candle - Fragrance of woody sandalwood supported by amber. Buy It Now.
  • Nizou Luscious Fig and Amber Scented Candle - Fragrance of fig, amber, and cedar wood. Buy It Now.
  • Nizou Energizing Lemongrass and Lime Scented Candle - Fragrance of lemons, limes, eucalyptus and lemongrass. Buy It Now.
  • Nizou Exotic Jasmin Scented Candle - Fragrance of sweet jasmine, ylang ylang and white lilies. Buy It Now.
Candles are excellent to set the ambience of a room with there mood enhancing glow from the flickering candle light whilst they are also popular to fit into anyone's decor and style of home. Lighting a candle over a romantic dinner, laying in a comfortable position to read a book, or even taking a relaxing bath, each Nizou candle can find benefit in your daily life. I received the Nizou Romantic Damask Rose Scented Candle and i could smell the luxury scent before i had opened the box. Finding a safe place to light the candle and never leaving it unattended when its burning, i was shocked at how luxurious and yes "Romantic" the high-end fragrance filled the room. Soy wax candles burn cleaner and this helps any essential oils added to smell stronger and to diffuse and radiate out for maximum benefits. Check out the mood enhancing Nizou scented candles for yourself or for a memorable wellbeing gift someone will love to receive, x Neil.


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