The John Masters Organics Vented Paddle Brush.

Dry and style your hair quicker when using the professional-quality John Masters Organics Vented Paddle Brush everyday. Designed with lightweight and eco-friendly bamboo for excellent handling, the brush also features an ionic pad with bristles that are infused with tourmaline that contribute to dry the hair faster. The brand "John Masters Organics" create a full line of haircare, skincare, body, and aromatherapy products that are innovative and proudly represent their experitise in the organic and natural beauty industry. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the product quicker.
Running a hair brush through your hair not only helps to detangle any pesky knots that magically appear, it is also helpful in distributing the natural oils from your scalp to the ends for improved shine and condition. Brushing also helps to loosen any shedding hairs (we lose 100 per day) and depending on which brush you use they can be used to stimulate the scalp for increased blood flow. The great thing about this vented paddle brush is that the tourmaline featured produces negative charged ions that help reduce static and frizz whilst smoothing the hair cuticle down for improved manageabilty and shine. The vented hair brush design allows the air to flow through the brush easier whilst the tourmaline added benefit distributes the heat evenly for a quicker drying time.
I was really impressed on how lightweight this hair brush feels and makes styling the hair either damp or dry so much easier. It glides through the hair easily without any extreme stress put on the hair strands whilst cleaning the brush to maintain its effectiveness is easy. Removing any accumulation from the bristles and using a shampoo with warm water will ensure the brush performs at its best, i usually clean any hair brush once a month. It is noted not to clean the brush with alcohol or overexpose to products containing alcohol, as this can cause deterioration. Enjoy faster drying time with smoother and shinier hair when using the john masters vented paddle brush in your hair care routine, x Neil.