The Monthly Beauty Box From LoveLula.

The element of surprise each month is welcomed by natural beauty lovers in the UK and international, when receiving this organic beauty box full with goodies. The monthly beauty box features exciting brands and their products that are available from the easy-to navigate LoveLula website, whilst also introducing products to you that you may not be aware of to purchase. The selection of products you receive each month are varied, while there are many subscription plans available for you to choose from to enjoy your delivered beauty box. Disclaimer: I received the beauty box free as part of the LoveLula accredited blogger program, this does not influence or change my honest opinions expressed in my blog posts. The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the products quicker.
Prep and buff the skin for a smoother texture and brighter skin tone when applying the AYUMI Tumeric Face Scrub.  Exfoliating the skin is essential to unclog blocked pores that can lead to impurities whilst also helping to manually buff away dead skin cells for smoother and brighter skin. Blended with a concoction of oils and featuring the super gentle bamboo powder that respects the skins surface, apply to damp skin with circular motions before rinsing off for refreshed and smoother skin. I personally like to use exfoliators before shaving because they remove impurities whilst lifting the facial hair for your razor to work at its best and also help your skin care products penetrate deeper. 
Cleanse and tone the skin in one easy step without having to use two different products when applying the LAIDBARE DIY! Cleanser & Toner. Cleansing the skin is one of the most important skincare rules to follow to help achieve clear skin and remove unwanted impurities such as dirt, pollution, and products that have been applied. Featuring licorice, aloe vera, apple secrets extracts and brazil nut extract this two-in-one product boasts antibacterial and soothing benefits whilst also being suitable to remove makeup. Applying to skin AM & PM, the clear liquid cleanser and toner slightly turns milky before washing off easily to leave skin feeling refreshed and comfortable without over-stripping the skin of its natural balance. 
Pamper and deliver a multitasking treatment to the skin when applying the LAIDBARE For Richer For Poorer Miracle Mask when your skin needs an extra boost. Applying after cleansing, the mask features kaolin clay to draw out any impurities, Japanese seaweed extract to detoxify and smooth, Shea butter to aid in conditioning, and liquorice and rose water to soothe and comfort. Smoothing over the face and neck, the creamy mask features zea mays cob powder to add a slight gritty texture for exfoliation benefits whilst the liquorice and earthy scent influences your senses when waiting 10 minutes or more for it to be washed off. The mask washes off really easy to leave skin feeling purified and refreshed to help balance oil/combo skin types quickly and effectively! 
Take back control of those bad hair days when reaching for the rescue My.Haircare™ Smooth Shampoo Bar that works effectively to tackle any bad hair day. The smooth shampoo bar not only offers an effective cleanse of the hair and scalp to help wash away any impurities and product build-up, it also offers a specific fragrance to influence your senses. Specifically fragranced with Patchouli and sandalwood (both ease the mind and anxiety) the bar also contains the following oils to saturate the hair: wild rose seed oil extract, olive oil, grapeseed oil, corn germ oil, and sunflower seed oil. Treat your hair and scalp before following up with your conditioner for good hair days, but you can also use this bar for body cleansing too!
Facial oils are a great product to use to protect the skin from environmental factors and seal in moisture when applied as the last step in your skin care routine. The OOH! OILS OF HEAVEN Raspberry Seed Oil is filled with goodness because it contains essential fatty acids that help support the skins barrier function whilst also being able to penetrate deep to deliver soothing and nurturing benefits. Protecting and supporting the skin's health, you can apply this multitasking oil to cleansed skin before your moisturiser, but i like to apply 2-3 drops before my sunscreen in the morning or at night being my last skincare product applied. The gold coloured oil absorbs quickly upon application and with each daily use the skin is re-set and restored, all thanks to the oils natural goodness!
The LoveLula February beauty box arrives in secure recyclable packaging and each product inside is protected by the recyclable filling to keep your products in tip-top condition. The printed card inside details all the products included, whilst also including a voucher code that can be redeemed if you would like to purchase any products from the brands included, the total value of this months beauty box is £44.00. Enjoy the selection of products for yourself, or buy as a gift for someone else to enjoy, when purchasing or subscribing to receive a beauty box to your door. I wonder what the March beauty box will contain and what will be featured for you to discover products you may not be aware of to purchase? xNeil.