Boots Vitamin C Brightening Intensive Serum.

Boots Vitamin C Brightening Intensive Serum.

Add antioxidant benefits into your skincare routine when applying the easy-to-use Boots Vitamin C brightening intensive serum. Applying vitamin C topically not only acts a "Fighter" against damaging free radicals that can influence the break-down of collagen and elastin, it can actually promote collagen production, whilst it also acts to "Protect" the skin from the signs of sun damage when worn with an SPF. Helping the skin to "Recover" vitamin C also can help lighten hyperpigmentation and improve uneven skin tone for a brighter and smoother complexion, depending on what the formulation contains, read on to discover what is included in this serum. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated.

How To Use The Boots Vitamin C Brightening Intensive Serum?

Applying any "Active" skincare product to the skin should be the first product you apply after cleansing to allow it to absorb fully without any interaction from other products. The first benefit for me about this vitamin c serum is that its dispensed from a pump dispenser from sealed packaging, unlike some vitamin c products that are exposed to the air when u have to apply them using a pipette dropper repeatedly. The light and non-sticky formulation contains 2x Vitamin C and YUZU Extract which absorbs into the skin instantly, but that is not all. It features multitasking niacinamide that helps boosts the skins health whilst also featuring sodium hyaluronate and aloe barbadensis leaf to support the skins moisture, the full ingredients are are follows:

Aqua - Water.  

Butylene Glycol - Organic Alcohol with moisturising benefits that provides slip to a product on application.

Betaine - Soothes and protects skin whilst also moisturising.

PEG-12 Dimethicone - Low molecular dimethicone that aids in application of a product whilst also helping to stop moisture loss from the skin. 

Hydroxyethylcellulose - Thickening agent, binder, an emulsion stabilizer, a film former, and a viscosity increasing agent that improves any formulation. 

Niacinamide - A water-soluble B3 vitamin that improves the skin's barrier and help with a lot of skin issues.

Sodium Benzoate - Preservative that prevents bacteria and fungi from developing in the product.

Potassium Sorbate - Preservative and is widely used as a paraben alternative. 

PEG-12 Allyl Ether - Binding to allow the cohesion of different cosmetic ingredients.

Sodium Gluconate - Humectant and pH regulator of a products formulation.

Sodium Lactate - Sodium salt of lactic acid, it helps moisturise the skin and control the pH of a product. 

Parfum- Fragrance.

Carbomer - Thickening agent to convert a liquids texture with a non-tacky feeling. 

Sodium Citrate - Adjusts the pH and helps keep the products formulation to last longer.

Tocopheryl Acetate - Antioxidant benefits to protect and improve the skin.

3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid - A derivative of vitamin C that is more stable and soluble in water or oil formulations with the same antioxidant benefits vitamin C offers.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Anti-inflammatory properties that helps to soothe the skin.

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate - Stable oil-soluble derivative of Vitamin C that acts as an antioxidant and whitening agent, whilst offering to improve acne and has anti-aging benefits.

Sodium Hyaluronate - Low molecular to penetrate the skin deeper to improve the skins moisture balance and plump fine lines/wrinkles.

Maltodextrin - Plant-based sugar that provides many benefits to a formulation such as an absorbent, binding agent, stabilizer, film-forming agent, and skin-softener.

Limonene - Fragrance and penetration enhancing capabilities to carry other ingredients into the skin more easily whilst it does have some anti-inflammatory properties. It is noted that it may oxidise and sensitise the skin - it usually isn't recommended to people who suffer with eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.

Dipropylene Glycol - Helps make a product more spreadable on application.

Phenoxyethanol - Preservative to prolong shelf life and prevent bacteria growth in the formulation.

Biosaccharide Gum-1 - Soothes and moisturises by helping the skin hold onto water by creating a film on the surface.

Benzyl Benzoate - Helps other ingredients dissolve in a formulation, acts a fragrance, and preservative.

Hexyl Cinnamal - Fragrance additive with a jasmine-like scent.

Linalool - Fragrance with a floral-like scent.

Butylphenyl Methylpropional - Fragrance with a floral-like scent.

Benzyl Salicylate - Fragrance enhancer or fragrance fixative.

Citral - Naturally derived fragrance with a citrus scent.

Citrus Junos Fruit Extract - Antioxidant that brightens skin tone and has some anti-aging benefits.

Hydroxycitronellal - Fragrance ingredient with a floral scent.

Denatonium Benzoate - Added to act as an antifoaming agent, cosmetic astringent, solvent and viscosity decreasing agent. It also acts as antimicrobial agent that kills or stops growth of bacteria.

Cl 19140 - Synthetic dye to give colour to a product.

Cl 14700 - Cosmetic colourant to give colour to a product.

Octadecyl Di-T-Butyl-4-Hydroxyhydrocinnamate - Antioxidant that helps stabilise sensitive cosmetic formulations and ingredients from oxidation.

My Experience Using The Boots Vitamin C Brightening Intensive Serum.

It is always important when using any new product to perform a patch test just to air on the side of caution if you do react, i have not experienced any negative side effects. I do notice the alcohol scent with every pump dispensed but it quickly disappears when those fragrance ingredients arrive to remind you of light-scented oranges. The serum is quite runny in texture but glides over the skin easily, whilst absorbing quite quickly, to leave the skin feeling super smooth. I really like how it does NOT leave any tackiness or that dreaded stickiness feeling left behind on the skin whilst i was also impressed that i experienced no balling or piling off even though dimethicone is in its formulation. I apply this serum first to the skin, followed by a hyaluronic based serum, moisturiser, and then a broad spectrum sunscreen. 

The Boots Vitamin C Brightening Intensive Serum is an affordable option to introduce into your skincare routine if you are wanting to use a derivative but stable-form vitamin C serum, x Neil.