The Handmade Soap Company Art Deco "We're For Hands" Handcare Gift Set.

The Handmade Soap Company Art Deco "We're For Hands" Handcare Gift Set.

Treat your hands to an at-home salon-grade hand treatment when performing the three easy simple steps from The Handmade Soap Company Art Deco "We're For Hands" Handcare Gift Set. The luxury Art Deco collection beholds a romantic and blossoming nod to the flappers and dandies of the 1920s whilst the products featured are free from parabens, SLS, petrochemicals and other synthetics whilst being cruelty free and vegan friendly. Presented in glass apothecary style packaging, the resealable display gift box is made from FSC Certified sustainable card from managed forests.
Read on to discover how you can transform your hands to a soft and supple state, disclaimer - the links used are not affiliated.


Exfoliating the hands not only will texturally improve the skin to gently buff away any dead skin cells but it will also help your hand cream to penetrate deeper for maximum benefits. The soft granules of sugar are the physical exfoliator to make it a "scrub" which is also combined with nourishing skin-loving oils that help to reset and soften any overworked hands. Placing a little on damp skin and rubbing your hands together, you can also work the scrub in circular motions on any callous or dry areas, before leaving on the hands for 2 minutes. Rinsing the luxurious scrub off with warm water and gently patting dry, you will be amazed on how soft and smooth the skin feels whilst your hands will look revitalised.


Replenish hydration and moisture with this rich plant-based hand cream either after you have just exfoliated or throughout the day when your hands need an extra boost. Featuring a host of skin-loving oils to nourish deeply and condition the skin, the combined essential oils with added parfum also helps to influence your wellbeing with its luxury scent. Applying a little, the cream instantly nourishes as you work it over and into both hands whilst it does not leave the skin feeling overly greasy or sticky because it absorbs quickly. I also like to apply this hand cream at night to really let the ingredients work to their full potential for an over-night restorative skin treatment your hands will love.


Protect your nails and the cuticles from trauma when applying this quick and easy treatment oil to both hands. Combining a host of nourishing oils to improve health and appearance of dry or cracked cuticles, this quick and easy treatment can also be used as a pre-manicure treatment. The handy (no pun intended) brush applicator delivers the perfect drop of oil onto the area for you then to proceed to massage the oil using circular motions which will then boost circulation and stimulate nail growth. I like to apply this treatment over-night for maximum benefits because handwashing during the day would limit its potential but i have been impressed on how quickly it can improve my neglected cuticles from the first use.

Pamper and take care of your hardworking hands with the nourishing and conditioning properties of the products featured in this amazing hand care gift set, The Handmade Soap Company Art Deco "We're For Hands" Handcare Gift Set is priced for £34.95 and available here: LoveLula x Neil.