LoveLula Beauty Box May 2020.

LoveLula Beauty Box May 2020.

The element of surprise each month is welcomed by natural beauty lovers in the UK and international, when receiving the LoveLula beauty box full with goodies. The monthly beauty box features exciting brands and their products that are available from the easy-to navigate LoveLula website, whilst also introducing products to you that you may not be aware of to purchase. The selection of products you receive each month are varied whilst there are many subscription plans available for you to choose from (details at the end of blog post) to enjoy your delivered beauty box. Disclaimer: I received the beauty box free as part of the LoveLula accredited blogger program, this does not influence or change my honest opinions expressed in my blog posts. The links used are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products.

What Is Inside The LoveLula Beauty Box May 2020?

The LoveLula May beauty box 2020 arrives in secure recyclable packaging and each product inside is protected by the recyclable filling to keep your products in tip-top condition. The printed card inside details all the products included whilst also including a voucher code that can be redeemed if you would like to purchase any products from the brands included. The products featured are as follows:
Effectively break-down makeup and remove the daily grime your skin can pick up when applying the skin alchemists humble warrior cleansing oil. The first step in any double cleanse method typically involves an oil-based cleanser first that will help melt away stubborn cosmetics and sunscreens that are designed to stick to the skin. Pouring a little of the oil into your hands and rubbing your hands together to warm the oil up, apply to the face, neck, and decolletage using massaging movements to stimulate circulation. Warming a flannel or muslin cloth and place over the skin, wipe gently to remove any previous products and release impurities to experience a thorough deep cleanse with aromatic notes that will influence your wellbeing. The combination of large and small molecular oils featured make this a perfect oil-pulling cleanser to reach for to help detoxify the skin for a healthier complexion.
Breathe life back into dull and fine hair when using the ayumi hibiscus & tumeric shampoo in your hair care routine. Cleansing and stimulating, it features the following key actives of turmeric, Papaya, Amla, bhringraj & shikakia extracts whilst also including the essential oils of mandarin, Babassu, orange & Mandarin oils. Applying to damp hair and lathering the formulation to help cleanse the scalp using your fingertips, the shampoo rinses out easily leaving the hair soft and ready for application of your chosen hair mask or conditioner. I was quite impressed on how the shampoo leaves the hair thoroughly cleansed without over-stripping it whilst the parfum of an essential oils blend smells heavenly! A nourishing shampoo that helps you achieve silky-soft hair whilst still respecting the integrity of your locks.
Define and accentuate the lips when applying the inika lip crayon in a deep plum colour. Utilising organic coconut oil and carnauba wax, the lip crayons deliver a creamy texture for easy applications with a natural satin finish. The nourishing properties included in the organic formula help boost the lips health without drying them out because they are alcohol free. The many ways to use these lip crayons are fairly easy and you can add a pop of colour as a lip-stain, outline the lips to help them appear fuller and to stop bleeding from your lipstick, or use as a great base for your lip gloss. Check out the many colours available from one of the world's highest certified makeup brands that is INIKA.
Kill germs without drying out your hands when applying the castilian soap company natural hand sanitiser with peppermint and chamomile. Containing just four ingredients ethanol, anthemis nobilis flower water, glycerin, and mentha piperita leaf oil, this hand sanitiser is bag and pocket friendly! Nothing can beat washing your hands in hot water with your chosen handwash, but when your out and about either shopping or walking the dog (don't forget your dog poop bags) this will become a trusted product to use until you reach the water tap. Applying to the hands you can feel the ethanol dry fast because its an alcohol and then the burst of peppermint surprises your senses leaving your hands smelling .... minty! I have to be careful using hand sanitisers because some immediately make my hands red and sore, but this one surprisingly does not and is the perfect one for me to use.

How To Purchase The LoveLula Beauty Box?

The total value of the LoveLula May beauty box is £51.00 whilst the many subscription plans available for the Uk and International customers are varied.
UK.                                                                   INTERNATIONAL.
Just Try One Box £19.95                              Just Try One Box £24.95
Monthly Recurring £14.95                          3 Months £52.50
3 Months £42.60 (save 5%)                         6 Months £100.00
6 Months £80.70 (save 10%)                      12 Months £200.00
12 Months £152.50 (save 15%)
*Prices Correct At Time Of Writing - May 2020.
Enjoy the selection of products for yourself, or buy as a gift for someone else to enjoy, when purchasing or subscribing to receive a beauty box to your door. I wonder what the June beauty box will contain and what will be featured for you to discover products you may not be aware of to purchase? Purchase any LoveLula beauty box May 2020 available here: LoveLula xNeil.