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Vitaskin, Vitamin A, Holland And Barett
Discover the 100% vegan-friendly products with 99% natural ingredient formulations that are presented in all the VitaSkin Vitamin A products available from Holland & Barrett. Utilising hand-picked nutrient based ingredients known for their topical skincare benefits, this affordable natural skincare range can help you nourish your skin from the outside-to-in for achievable skincare goals all in the comfort of your home. The VitaSkin range is based around the essential vitamins A and C to help stimulate collagen, choose the VitaSkin Vitamin C product range (Ideal For Day Time) to help improve skin tone and glow, while choosing the VitaSkin Vitamin A range (Ideal For Night Time) will help to reduce the signs of ageing. Read on to discover more about the three products from the Vitamin A range. Disclaimer the links used are not affiliated and are only placed for you to discover the products - i was gifted the three products #MyHB & #Gifted but this does not influence my honest review placed on my blog. 

The VitaSkin Vitamin A Skincare Range.

VitaSkin, Vitamin A, Holland And Barrett

I really like how all the products from the VitaSkin Vitamin A range are quick and easy to use, but it is noted that to achieve the best results you should use all the products within the range. The retinol featured in all the products is retinyl palmitate a natural antioxidant that is found within the skin and has been to shown to boost collagen fiber production which can help the skin look younger. It is not the strongest retinol out of the group of retinol's available (there are many) as it has to be broken down into Retinol, then Retinal Dehyde and finally Retinoic Acid when applied topically, but retinyl palmitate is the perfect option to begin and start with on your retinol journey before using something stronger. The other two main component ingredients featured in the products are carrot seed oil that is rich in Vitamin A that helps to improve the signs of ageing while also helping to improve elasticity of the skin and Lavender oil that calms and soothes inflammation, both of these ingredients have antioxidant benefits as well as the Vitamin E included in all the products. 

The VitaSkin Vitamin A Resurfacing Mask. 

VitaSkin, Vitamin A, Face Mask.

Applying to a cleansed face will help any face mask work to its full potential to help detoxify the skin by removing impurities from the pores and also help to remove built-up dead skin cells for a smoother and brighter complexion. The me-time skincare product is the perfect excuse for relaxation time for your skin and wellbeing while also offering a skin treatment that is the next step on from your cleanser. The rich textured balm-to-oil mask glides over the skin easily on application while instantly absorbing to deeply nourish any complexion with the lavender scent influencing your wellbeing. Washing the mask off after ten minutes by either rinsing off using your hands or using a wash cloth (I Use A Flannel) the complexion feels smoother and looks brighter without being stripped of its important moisture, you are left with perfectly balanced and nourished skin.

The VitaSkin Vitamin A Rejuvenating Night Serum. 

VitaSkin, Vitamin A, Serum

Application of a serum to the skin is beneficial to deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to target specific skincare concerns you maybe experiencing. A serum is usually applied to the skin after cleansing and is typically applied after your facial toners or essence (If You Use These) the choice is entirely yours. Presented in a brown bottle with a pipette for easier dispensing, the milky texture of the water and oil mixed serum helps it glide over the skin easily while it absorbs quickly to leave the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. The lavender scent is noticeable on application but i quite like how it influences to help promote calmness and wellness especially at the end of day (Before Bed) when you are wanting to relax. 

The VitaSkin Vitamin A Rejuvenating Night Cream.

VitaSkin, Vitamin A, Night Cream

Following on from the quick absorbing night serum, you can now apply the rejuvenating night cream to compliment your evening skincare routine. Night Creams are typically richer than day creams to hydrate, nourish, and repair your skin when your asleep and often contain ingredients that are far better suited to be applied at night because they cannot be influenced by certain factors (During The Day) so you can achieve the best results. Presented in a jar with a twist-off lid, the rich but lightweight texture of the cream glides over the skin easily to offer hydration (Humectants), nourishment (Emollients), and resurfacing from the mild AHA lactic acid that is also included in the ingredients. I was quite impressed on how quickly this absorbs and does not feel heavy, sticky, or greasy on the skin for an overnight skin treatment you will enjoy.

The VitaSkin Vitamin A products line is an affordable vegan-friendly skincare range that provides multiple benefits you are wanting to achieve from your nighttime skincare routine. All the products are easy to use with clear directions to follow and are available from here: Holland & Barrett x Neil. 


  1. "start with on your retinol journey before using something stronger" - sounds like somebody's journey from soft to hard drugs! Having said that - I really like these products but will emphatically not be using them as a gateway to more and more retinol dependence!

    1. Glad to hear you like the products. I wrote it like that because it is a slow and steady journey to avoid irritations when using any retinoid product, though it is a good idea to include in your skincare because Retinol is the only medication that has scientifically-proven anti-aging properties.

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