LoveLula Beauty Box October 2020.

LoveLula Beauty Box October 2020.

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The element of surprise each month is welcomed by natural beauty lovers in the UK and international, when receiving the LoveLula beauty box full with organic goodies. The monthly beauty box features exciting brands and their products that are available from the easy-to navigate LoveLula website, whilst also introducing products to you that you may not be aware of to purchase. The selection of products you receive each month are varied whilst there are many subscription plans available for you to choose from (details at the end of blog post) to enjoy your delivered beauty box. Disclaimer: I received the beauty box free as part of the LoveLula accredited blogger program, this does not influence or change my honest opinions expressed in my blog posts. The links used are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products.

What Is Inside The LoveLula Beauty Box October 2020?

The LoveLula October beauty box 2020 arrives in secure recyclable packaging and each product inside is protected by the recyclable filling to keep your products valued at £55.00 in tip-top condition. The printed card inside details all the products included whilst also including a voucher code that can be redeemed if you would like to purchase any products from the brands included. The products featured are as follows:
moi vert deodorant
Gently nourish the underarms when applying the MOI VERT Natural Deodorant that helps to absorb unwanted odours. Sweating in general is essential to stop the body from over-heating and happens when a message from the brain indicates the body is too hot while also hormones, emotions and exercise can all contribute. Presented in a jar with a twist-off lid, the rich emollient cream effortlessly glides over the skin while the talc replacement Tapioca Starch and Sodium Bicarbonate work together to absorb sweat to keep you dry while also absorbing odours. The fragrance free option is another bonus if you have just shaved your armpits but still want to apply a deodorant without any burning or irritating sensation. Discover the vegan-friendly Moi Vert Natural Deodorant Fragrance Free 60ml priced at £9.95.
body moisturiser
Apply the hair minimising moisturiser that is the LAIDBARE Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow to the legs and body that helps to delay regrowth. Combining a botanical complex which consists of liquorice extract, caffeine and horse chestnut seed extract they all work together to slow-down regrowth of shaved or waxed areas. The gel-like moisturiser also features Zinc Gluconate which aids in soothing and providing anti-inflammatory benefits to help stop the bumps that can appear after any removal of hair. Applying to dry skin after bathing or showering and using everyday, you only need a little of this liquid gel moisturiser that absorbs quickly after application. I would suggest if you have dry skin, apply this first and then apply a richer based body moisturiser for extra hydration and nourishment.
The Laidbare Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Hair Minimising Cream 125ml is priced at £10.00.
rosehip serum
Facial oils are the perfect product to incorporate into your skincare routine to aid in extra nourishment while also sealing over any water-based products you may use to stop water-loss from the skin. The Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum combines Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, and Borago Officinalis (Borage) Seed Oil that are all great emollients with a high fatty acid content to keep skin soft, supple, and protected. I like to apply 1-2 drops of the facial oil over my moisturiser but before any sunscreen and this one absorbs quickly without any greasy feeling left on the skin. It does contain the essential oils frankincense, rose geranium, palmarosa, juniper and mandarin essential oils so if you have sensitive skin perform a patch test or avoid if your skin does not agree with them. The Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum 30ml is priced at £15.50.
antipodes water gel
Quench the skins thirst when applying the Antipodes Baptise H20 Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel that combines humectants hyaluronic acid, glycerin and also sustainable manuka honey. Gel skincare products provide the skin with hydration without any greasy finish and are the perfect product for oiler skin types that still need water hydration. Applying on its own or over any water-based serum in your skincare routine for a hydration hit, i was quite impressed with how well this absorbs quickly while also keeping skin feeling hydrated all day. The Leptospermum scoparium mel (manuka) honey not only is a humectant but also provides soothing, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and has been used for centuries for its skincare benefits. The Rose Anatolia scent is mild but involves citral, citronellol, eugenol, geraniol, linalool all component of essential oil, perform a patch test or avoid if your skin does not agree with fragrance. The Antipodes Baptise H20 Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel 5ml sample i received is a great option to find out if your skin likes it before buying the full version. 
emani lipstick
Keep the lips nourished and soft while also adding a colour of your choice when applying one of the EMANI Hydrating Lip Colours. The nourishing formula combines emollient rich ingredients to protect the lips from factors that can dry them out such as dry/cold weather, common cold, and even sun damage. The velvety texture glides over the lips effortlessly to distribute the long-lasting mineral pigments evenly for a natural lip colour to suit any occasion. Presented in a bag-friendly silver applicator shaped like a bullet, the colour indie is a neutral rose that appears darker in the bullet but when applied provides a beautiful natural colour with a light shimmer thanks to the mica included in the formula. Re-application maybe needed if you eat or drink when wearing it but they are an excellent makeup choice if you are looking for Peta certified and vegan friendly lipsticks that do much more than just veiling the lips with a beautiful colour. The Emani Hydrating Lip Colour Indie 8g is priced at £19.00 and available in different shades. 

How To Purchase The LoveLula Beauty Box?

The total value of the LoveLula October beauty box is £55.00 while the many subscription plans available for the Uk and International customers are varied but are excellent value for your money!
UK.                                                                   INTERNATIONAL.
Just Try One Box £19.95                              Just Try One Box £24.95
Monthly Recurring £14.95                          3 Months £52.50
3 Months £42.60 (save 5%)                         6 Months £100.00
6 Months £80.70 (save 10%)                      12 Months £200.00
12 Months £152.50 (save 15%)
*Prices Correct At Time Of Writing - October 2020.
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Enjoy the selection of products for yourself, or buy as a gift for someone else to enjoy, when purchasing or subscribing to receive a beauty box to your door. I wonder what the November beauty box will contain and what will be featured for you to discover products you may not be aware of to purchase? Purchase any LoveLula beauty box October 2020 available here: LoveLula xNeil.