The Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device.

Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device.

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Easily perform two at-home facial treatments when using the Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device in the comfort of your own home. The cordless and lightweight handheld device is powered by a battery that provides 8500 rpm pulsations and an ionic mini-current to perform a lymphatic drainage massage and a facelift treatment. Cleansing the skin to remove all products before you start any treatment will maximise the results but i love how lightweight the device is making it ideal for people who cant hold heavy devices for too long. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are only placed for you to discover the product. 

Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

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Using the Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device on cleansed but moist skin, the first treatment you can select is "lymphatic drainage massage" to help promote lymphatic flow to encourage drainage. Misting the skin with any toner will help the device glide over any skin type easily whilst the general rule is always use upwards and outwards motions. Flicking the switch to the "+ sign" on the handle, the red light comes on and you will hear and feel the vibrations when gliding the metal head upwards and outwards on the neck, chin, under eye, and forehead always repeating three times in one of the area's at a time. Once you have finished in those areas you can then sweep down from the ear to the neck to support flushing out of the toxins and water retention. I was really impressed on how strong the vibrations are and i tend to select this option in the morning when eyes can look puffy due to where fluid can accumulate and i want to boost the skins circulation. 

Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device Facelift Treatment.

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The second treatment the Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device provides is the "facelift treatment" that utilises a large quantity of negative ion to perform a popular Ionic treatment. Applying any hydrating serum to the skin and flicking the switch to the "- sign" you will notice the green light come on to let you know you are ready to start whilst your hand must be around the metal plate on the handle to allow the ionic current through the main treatment head. Working in seperate areas at a time which are the neck, jawline, cheeks, brow line, forehead and hair line - proceed to firmly place, lift, and hold for 2-3 seconds in each area. I tend to perform this easy to follow treatment in the evening because the ion's help skincare products to penetrate deeper and quicker whilst the combined anti-gravity motions are the perfect technique to use - perform 2 times a week for 6 weeks and then once a month to maintain.

The Kathleen Facial Ionic Treatment Device is lightweight to hold, does not turn off until when you decide so u dont have to rush through your treatment, and is easy to wipe clean to keep it hygenic. The painless and somewhat relaxing device is a nice addition to anyone's routine and is very easy to use. Priced at £49.00 and available from here: facial device xNeil.