Giovanni HEMP HYDRATING Hair Care Collection.

Giovanni's HEMP HYDRATING Hair Care Collection.

Discover the Giovanni HEMP HYDRATING hair care collection that features a selection of products that utilises a combination of botanical ingredients to revitalise all hair types for improved condition. The color-safe, paraben-free, and cruelty-free products contain USDA certified organic ingredients which are Hemp Seed Oil for protection and deep moisture, Aloe Vera for conditioning and a beautiful shine, while Frankincense, Turmeric, Sage, Hops, and Chamomile all help to revitalize and strengthen your head of hair. Wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, read on to discover more about the Leaping Bunny Certified products. 

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Shampoo 399ml.

hemp shampoo
The Lauryl and laureth sulfate-free shampoo uses mild surfactant/cleansing agents to effectively cleanse the hair without overly stripping it. The milky emulsion texture instantly feels hydrating when working it through wet hair and gently massaging the scalp to build the mild foaming action. It rinses out easily to leave the hair clean from any styling products but also feeling hydrated and a lot smoother prepping it for the next treatment to be applied.    

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating & Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 147ml.

hemp hair mask
I like to apply any hair mask after shampooing because this is when the hair has been cleansed to allow any treatment to penetrate deeper and is not being stopped by a conditioner. The rich mask features little blue balls that disperse on application to wet hair when applying from roots to the tips, while you should leave the mask on 3-5 minutes for maximum benefits. The rinse out stage is when u know if a mask has worked or not and this one does not disappoint by leaving the hair feeling deeply hydrated.  

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Conditioner 399ml.

hemp hair conditioner
Lightweight in texture you can apply the hydrating conditioner after using the shampoo or after you have rinsed out the hair mask because it effectively seals the cuticle keeping the benefits of the treatment you have previously applied. 
I have used it straight after shampooing (to see how it works) and it instantly helps to untangle and improve softness when rinsing the hair with cool water (not hot) for perfect hydration, without weighing the hair down. 

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Leave-in Conditioning & Styling Elixir 118ml.

hemp hair elixir
Elixir hair products are your go-to product to use when you want to achieve multiple benefits without having to use more than one to achieve your desired goal. Applying to damp hair i was impressed on how easily this detangles, smooths, conditions and defines your style with no crispy feeling you can sometimes experience with styling products. The hair feels and looks hydrated throughout the day or night and speeds up your styling regime for those days when your in a rush but want a good hair day.

Giovanni Hemp Hydrating Hair Serum 81ml.

hemp hair serum
Serums in general help to block-out humidity to keep your style in place while also increasing shine by helping to lay down the cuticle of the hair which aids in reflection. I was impressed with this serum because not only is it lightweight in texture it also provides nourishing benefits to prevent breakage and split-ends. Applying to damp or dry hair, it instantly absorbs to transform unruly strands into smoother and sleeker ones without any weigh-down or greasiness.  

Giovanni hair care bridges the gap between natural and salon-quality for consumers to enjoy affordable at-home products. Discover the Giovanni HEMP HYDRATING Hair Care Collection available from here: LoveLula - The link used is not affiliated xNeil. 


  1. All of this range is on my wishlist, so I came here to read Your thoughts on the products. Sounds promising indeed :)

    1. They are great products, you won't be disappointed x


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