LoveLula Beauty Box March 2021.

LoveLula Beauty Box March 2021.

The element of surprise each month is welcomed by natural beauty lovers in the UK and international, when receiving the LoveLula beauty box full with organic goodies. The monthly beauty box features exciting brands and their products that are available from the easy-to navigate LoveLula website, whilst also introducing products to you that you may not be aware of to purchase. The selection of products you receive each month are varied whilst there are many subscription plans available for you to choose from (details at the end of blog post) to enjoy your delivered beauty box. Disclaimer: I received the beauty box free as part of the LoveLula accredited blogger program, this does not influence or change my honest opinions expressed in my blog posts. The links used are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products.

What Is Inside The LoveLula Beauty Box March 2021?

The LoveLula beauty box March 2021 arrives in secure recyclable packaging and each product inside is protected by the recyclable filling to keep your products valued at £43.00 in tip-top condition. The printed card inside details all the products included whilst also including a voucher code that can be redeemed if you would like to purchase any products from the brands included. The products featured are as follows:
Boost your hair care routine when applying the multi-beneficial Giovanni Frizz Be Gone super smoothing, anti-frizz hair serum. Presented in a clear-bottle (great to see how much you use before you run out) with a pump dispenser for easy applications, the cruelty-free and vegan-friendly formula is your one stop product to use to be able to control frizz, add shine, humidity control, condition, smooth, detangle, help stop breakage, heat protection, improve elasticity and seal in colour. I like how this serum perfectly aids in smoothing the hair without weighing it down while also providing conditioning benefits without leaving the hair feeling greasy or looking oily. It is an ideal product to use to speed up drying time and smooth the cuticle down of the hair strands for improved smoothness and shine with no frizz making an unwelcomed appearance!
Depletion of the skin's water content can occur due to many factors such as changes in the environment (weather conditions), lifestyle choices, and even using hot water to cleanse your skin can contribute. Dehydration is different to a dry skin condition that is inherited, a dehydrated skin can easily be improved by drinking water, eating rich water-based fruits/veg, and using products that contain specific ingredients to replenish and rehydrate. The Sukin Rehydrating Gel Cream features an active blend of Sea Algae, Hyaluronic Acid, Maize Complex and Glycerin that support hydration while also drawing moisture to the skin by acting as humectants. Emollients are also featured in the lightweight weight gel to improve softness while also stopping water-loss from the skin. I love how quickly this helps restore hydration when the skin needs a boost and if you don't like the feeling of applying a rich cream or your skin becomes too oily, then gel-creams are a lightweight but hydrating option to consider. 
Face masks are the perfect product to address your skin care concerns by helping to revitalise your complexion while also effectively removing impurities. The Ayumi Neem & Tea Tree Face Mask features the gentler clay Kaolin that helps absorb excess oils and draw out impurities without being too aggressive to the skin. Applying a thick layer after you have cleansed, the essential oils featured provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits while also influencing your wellbeing. The featured oils moringa and avocado provide rich nourishment and moisturisation to restore and bring radiance to dull and tired complexions. Leaving the mask on for 20 minutes, it rinses off easily to leave the skin feeling purified but nourished and is a must-have face mask to use for an intensive but gentle treatment.
Ointments are the perfect skin care product to use if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea while also being suitable for occasional dry or cracked skin. Typically they have a higher oil content to act as an occlusive barrier to stop moisture loss while delivering their active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. The Balmonds Skin Salvation is a beeswax based ointment that provides the barrier over the skin while also including rich fatty-acid oils olive, safflower, and hemp with anti- inflammatory/soothing benefits from Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Urtica Dioica Extract. and Stellaria Media Extract. I love the texture of the rich product because some ointments are sometimes to thick to apply over a desired area, this one glides over the skin with ease and instantly brings comfort. The informative leaflet that is presented with the product details the specifics so you reap the benefits this 100% natural ointment has to offer to help nourish, protect and moisturise skin irritations and dry skin conditions.  
Samples are a great introduction to a product before buying the full sized version, the Madara Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream SPF15 in Light is ideal for those looking for a colour correcting product with additional benefits. Providing UVA/UVB protection, it also contains antioxidants that shield the skin from pollutants while also supporting the skins microbiome to keep it looking and feeling healthier. Applying on its own, after your moisturiser, or over the top of your higher SPF product (this only has SPF15) i was impressed on how hydrating the cc cream feels on the skin and provides a natural looking tint to help counteract an uneven skin tone. The product can also be used before application of your foundation as a color-correcting primer but whichever way you decide to use it your skin will reap the hydrating and medium protection it has to offer. 

How To Purchase The LoveLula Beauty Box?

The total value of the LoveLula beauty box March 2021 is £43.00 while the many subscription plans available for the UK and International customers are varied but are excellent value for your money!
Just Try One Box £19.95                              
Monthly Recurring £14.95                          
3 Months £42.60 (save 5%)                         
6 Months £80.70 (save 10%)
12 Months £152.50 (save 15%)

Just Try One Box £24.95
3 Months £52.50
6 Months £100.00
12 Months £200.00
*Prices Correct At Time Of Writing - March 2021.
Enjoy the selection of products for yourself, or buy as a gift for someone else to enjoy, when purchasing or subscribing to receive a beauty box to your door. I wonder what the April beauty box will contain and what will be featured for you to discover products you may not be aware of to purchase? Purchase the LoveLula Beauty Box March 2021 available here: LoveLula x Neil.