GoBo Natural Aluminium Free AHA Deodorant.

GoBo Natural Aluminium Free AHA Deodorant.

Discover the GoBo natural and AHA-formulated aluminium free deodorant that cleverly eliminates odours while still allowing the body to perspire naturally. Featuring naturally infused flower waters to provide the natural fragrance, this great alternative is ideal for those who cannot use essential oils and highly perfumed options because your armpit is a sensitive area that contains nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. Read on to learn more about the GoBo natural AHA deodorant range, disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are placed for you to discover the product. 

The GoBo Natural AHA Deodorant Range.

Featuring a range of different floral waters to suit your personal likes you can choose from Jasmin, Orange Blossom and Rosewater while an unscented version is also available to purchase. The aluminium-free and alcohol-free deodorant features the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) glycolic acid that is derived from sugar cane and is able to penetrate the skin to exfoliate and kill the bacteria that omits the B.O odour. The other great benefits are because it is effectively exfoliating and renewing the armpit area it can help to prevent in-growing hairs and painful blocked sweat glands while also helping to fade dark pigmentation caused by shaving. 

Applying The GoBo Natural AHA Deodorant.

Presented with a rollerball applicator, it is ideal to apply the deodorant to clean skin while also making sure if your underarm is exposed to the sun to wear a sunscreen as using any AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) may increase sun sensitivity. I love how hydrating the deodorising fluid feels because of the glycerin featured in the formula while the arrowroot also included does absorb excess moisture but still allows the armpits to sweat, but with no odour detected! You can also apply it between skin folds and even under breasts to prevent or neutralise body odour while for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, GoBo can be used under an antiperspirant deodorant to prevent odour and then can be reapplied throughout the day if needed. 

The GoBo natural aluminium free AHA deodorant is ideal for those wanting to detox and renew the underarm area or for those to looking to switch to a aluminium-free option.  Purchase and find out more here: GoBo Deodorant x Neil. 
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