Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen 40ml.

Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen 40ml.

The Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen 40ml is a pure mineral emulsion for the face that expertly combines ingredients to shield the skin from UVA/UVB rays, urban pollution and blue light. The sunscreen aspect of this product includes broad-spectrum protection from zinc oxide that is a physical sunblock while the formula also includes ingredients with skincare benefits which are resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-bursting stem cells from Northern Dragonhead. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are placed for you to discover the product.

UV Protection When Applying The Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen 40ml.

Applying UV protection daily is essential in protecting your skin from the suns radiation while also it is important to remember that some products you may use in your skincare regime will leave your skin sensitive to sunlight, leading to increased chances of sun damage. All Vitamin A products known as Retinoids, AHA's and BHA's, Benzoyl Peroxide, Hydroquinone, some Essential oils and even your medications can cause your skin to become sun sensitive. The Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen is suitable for all skin types while helping to prevent all types of photodamage, including dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of volume. The full ingredients are as follows:

ALOE BARBADENSIS (ALOE) LEAF JUICE; Soothing humectant and moisturiser. 

ZINC OXIDE; Broad-spectrum Sunscreen that also helps skin irritations.  


ISOAMYL LAURATE; Emollient which is considered a natural silicone alternative.

CI 77891 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE) ; Colourant which has a white pigment. 

POLYGLYCERYL-3 POLYRICINOLEATE; Emulsifier that helps water and oil mix. 

HYDRATED SILICA; Viscosity controlling to help improve texture and has absorbent properties.

ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) BRAN OIL; Antioxidant and emollient. 


POLYHYDROXYSTEARIC ACID; Emulsifying and dispersing to evenly distribute the sunscreen pigments evenly on the skin while also helping to reduce the white cast zinc oxide can produce.

SILICA; Viscosity controlling to help thicken the texture of a product while also having absorbent properties and to suspend insoluble particles in the formula. 

HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED WAX; Emollient while also stabilising a products formula. 

ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) BRAN OIL; Antioxidant and emollient that nourishes and moisturises. 

RHUS SUCCEDANEA FRUIT WAX; Viscosity controlling to thicken up a products formula.

POLYGLYCERYL-3 DIISOSTEARATE; Emulsifying that delivers a soft and powdery feel while being gentle for sensitive skin types. 

BUTYLENE GLYCOL; Humectant to draw moisture to the skin while its other abilities are a penetration enhancer, solvent for ingredients to mix, and to help the product apply better.  

JOJOBA ESTERS; Non-greasy emollient that provides soothing and moisturising properties. 

SODIUM CHLORIDE; Viscosity controlling salt that acts as an emulsion stabilizer in water-in-oil emulsions.

AROMA; MADARA products aromatic compositions are made entirely of natural raw materials without synthetic molecules.

XANTHAN GUM; Thickener and emulsion stabiliser that adjusts the flow and feel of the product.

SODIUM DEHYDROACETATE; Preservative that helps the product stay nicer for longer.

CITRIC ACID; Buffering that helps to adjust the pH of a formula.

CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE; Emollient to help skin feel soft and smooth.

DRACOCEPHALUM RUYSCHIANA (DRAGONHEAD) CELL CULTURE EXTRACT; In vitro testing elucidates that northern dragonhead stem cells provide powerful counter-effects to sun damage – they scavenge free radicals, reduce pigmentation spot formation and boost collagen production. It is used in all the MADARA sun protection range.  

CAMELLIA SINESIS (GREEN TEA) LEAF EXTRACT; Antioxidant and UV protectant with anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial benefits.

QUERCUS ROBUR (OAK) BARK EXTRACT; Astringent that helps to contract and strengthen the skin.

VITIS VINIFERA (GRAPE) SEED EXTRACT; Antioxidant that has UV protecting abilities. 

CI 77491 (IRON OXIDES); Red iron oxide that provides a red colour and is typically used in makeup to give pink tones.

CI 77492 (IRON OXIDES); Yellow iron oxide that provides a yellow colour that when mixed with red iron oxides gives a flesh-toned shade.

CI 77499 (IRON OXIDES); Black iron oxide that controls the darkness of the flesh-toned shade when mixed with the other two oxides above. 

ASCORBYL PALMITATE; Antioxidant which is a form of vitamin c.

TOCOPHEROL; Antioxidant vitamin e that provides photoprotection against UVB rays while also having emollient benefits. 

AQUA; Solvent that helps ingredients mix. 

ISOSTEARIC ACID; Emulsifying to help water and oil ingredients mix while also stabilising pigments and mineral particles in a formula.

SODIUM PHYTATE; Helps the products colour and formula stay the same over time by neutralising the metal ions in the formula typically from the water ingredient used.

LECITHIN; Emollient with water-binding benefits that can also help water and oil ingredient mix and create liposomes in a formula.

GLYCOLIPIDS; Mixed substances which contain carbohydrates covalently attached to a lipid that provide good moisturising properties and can help damaged skin cells recover.

HYDROLYZED HYALURONIC ACID; Moisturiser and humectant helping the skin to retain moisture.

SODIUM HYALURONATE; Moisturiser and humectant that helps the skin appear plump and elastic by holding onto water for improved hydration. 

LINALOOL; Aromatic component of natural aromas/fragrances and found in essential oils, fruits and spices. 

LIMONENE; Aromatic component of natural aromas/fragrances and found in essential oils.

CITRAL: Naturally occurring component of essential oils and has anti-microbial properties.

The Zinc Oxide Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen 40ml.

The vegan-friendly formula is nut/gluten free and is presented in a tube for easy applications either on to fresh skin or applied over your moisturiser. The formula is in shade nude because anyone who has used a zinc oxide sunscreen will know it can leave a white or grey cast on the skin that does not go clear or transparent which is why typically iron oxides are added to give the formula a shade of colour. It applies brilliantly on to clean skin or over your chosen moisturiser but the shade nude might appear warmer if your complexion has cool or neutral undertones. I was surprised on how the skin looks and feels hydrated throughout the day without experiencing any high shine or typical greasy feeling whilst you can also apply the sunscreen over makeup at any time of the day to maximise your sun protection to shield your complexion. I experienced no watery eyes, no pilling of products, no breakouts due to clogged pores, but a sunscreen with added skincare benefits that works in harmony with your skin. The Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen is priced at £29.25 and available here: Madara SPF50 Plant Stem Cell Ultra-Shield Sunscreen 40ml. x Neil.