Louis Varel Extreme Rose EDP 100ml.

The Louis Varel Extreme Rose Eau de Parfum 100ml. 

Featured from the Louis Varel oriental collection, the extreme rose presents itself as a unisex sweet-oriental Eau de Parfum. Beautifully housed in a white heavy bottle, the roses are mixed with toffee and vanilla while also incorporating other specific notes to give this scent its unique scent profile, read on to discover more. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are placed for you to discover the product at the end of the blog post. 

Rose scents have somewhat been categorised to be just as they state "floral" with also their appeal being targeted to a mature audience, which i think do them an injustice. It is great to see more rose scents arriving on the scent scene that involve much more than their title or name might suggest while also seeing them appeal to a broader audience thanks to the perfumers who have re-invented rose perfumes.  

Louis Varel Extreme Rose EDP 100ml Scent Profile Features: 

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon & Toffee

Mid Notes: Rose, Patchouli oil & White Wood

Base Notes: Amber & Vanilla

Spraying onto the pulse points of the body will allow any perfume to project further because these areas are warmer, but extreme rose does not disappoint as from the first spray it lets you know immediately of its arrival and is still around you 5-6 hours later, longer when sprayed on clothes. Opening with the refreshing citrus notes of orange and lemon, the sugary sweet toffee note also included is the start of its unique journey. You will start to notice the powdery rose arrive while the sweet and dark patchouli oil and white wood provide the depth and character that any scent needs to make it unique. The amber and vanilla brings a warm and comforting undercurrent sweetness throughout the scent without it being nauseating or inducing a headache, the Louis Varel Extreme Rose EDP 100ML can be worn any season of the year and for any occasion. Discover the collection here: Louis Varel and available to purchase from Superdrug: Louis Varel Extreme Rose EDP 100ml  x Neil.