What To Do About A Patchy Beard.

A lot of men really want to have a full, luscious beard. However, your facial hair might not always cooperate. A patchy beard doesn’t look as good, and it can be annoying to deal with. If you find that your beard is growing in unevenly, there are a few ways to improve this or hide the patchiness completely. The right styling, products, and ways to promote hair growth can help you to get the beard of your dreams.
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Grow It Long.

Instead of a short beard, try fuller, longer facial hair. If you really can’t grow much facial hair, but want a long beard, you might consider help with a beard transplant from KSL.

If you can grow enough yourself, even if you plan to keep your beard shorter, letting it grow freely for about a month can be a good way for you to work out which way your hair grows and where the patches are forming. Fuller facial hair can also cover up any patchy areas. You will have to leave with an awkward stage where your beard is patchy while you’re growing it out, but the hair should eventually grow enough to cover up the patches.

Keep It Trimmed.

Try the opposite. A patchy beard can also be improved by reducing your facial hair. Depending on where the patches are, trim your beard creatively. Incorporate the patches into the beard using flattering angles, or keep the rest of the beard trimmed short enough for the patches to not be very noticeable. Take your time when you shave to make sure you get a neat, even trim. Check as you go too. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a more patchy beard than you started with.

Clean Up The Lines.

A patchy beard is more caveman than dapper, but tidy lines will make your patchy beard look more professional and clean-cut. Keep your sideburn tidy and trimmed back so that they blend smoothly into your beard. This creates a sharper border around the rest of your face. Keep the border of your beard neat too, especially around the cheekbones, jawline, nose, and lips. Keep the lines clean by trimming your beard on a regular basis and styling it every day with a comb and some beard oil.

Condition Your Beard.

Facial hair that is wiry, dry, and badly looked after can cause a beard that looks patchy. Looking after your beard with the right products and tools can make a big difference to how healthy your beard hair is, and the way that it looks as well. A good beard oil or a beard balm will help you keep the hair healthy and clean, all the way down to the follicles. Use an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and prevent your skin from getting dry. This can help a lot of your beard often feels itchy, and will also stimulate the skin underneath. Exfoliation also promotes blood flow, which can encourage hair growth, resulting in a fuller, thicker, and healthier beard.

Beard Makeup.

Tinted formulas are available to fill in sparse and patchy areas while also helping to define and shape your beard or moustache. It is important to remember to purchase a waterproof product to avoid the colour moving because of sweat or rain that will move the product around while gel-formulas are generally better on application to provide a natural finish. Typically available in blonde, amber brown, dark brown, and black there is also a clear version if you wish to just hold your desired style in place all day. x Neil.