Made by Sunday Got It Like That - 2% Bakuchiol Booster (Retinol Alternative)


Exploring the product range of Made by Sunday i came across their Got It Like That - 2% Bakuchiol (Retinol Alternative) that caught my attention. Bakuchiol has certainly become a popular ingredient plant extract because it influences the skin in a similar way as retinol when applied, but chemically has nothing to do with any of the retinoids you may use or have seen in a products formula. It does regulate and influence skin cell behaviour which means producing more collagen such as collagen I, III and IV production while also decreasing the enzyme in the skin MMP which attacks collagen resulting in loss of firmness and the signs of aging. It also helps influence hydration factors within the skin while also being suitable for acne or spot prone sufferers by decreasing a sebum controlling enzyme 5α-reductase while also having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and hinders the oxidative process that begins early in the process of spots/acne. The other interesting benefits are that it has melanin-inhibiting properties while also improving photo damage, but more importantly can help stabilise retinol when used together. Disclaimer: Links used are not affiliated and are used for you to discover the product. 

The Made by Sunday got it like that features 2% bakuchiol which is great because research has shown that amounts between 0.5-2% are ideal to get visible benefits. Only containing four ingredients, all Made by Sunday cruelty-free products are hand-made in small batches while they only use recycled, recyclable, or compostable material and all their containers are glass. The whole range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans but lets take a look at what is inside the Got It Like That booster. 

phytosqualane (olive squalane) - Skin identical ingredient with high emollience benefits to keep the skin nourished without feeling heavy or greasy.  

bakuchiol - Also named Sytenol A or Phyto Retinol, it has cell-communicating, antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits.   

daucus carota Helianthus annuus seed oil (carrot infusion) - Rich content of vitamins A, C, and E which helps rejuvenate and provide moisture to the skin without clogging pores while also having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.   

tanacetum annuum (tansy blue) - Anti-inflammatory with antioxidant and skin-calming/soothing benefits. 

The ideal way to use and apply the Got It Like That is entirely up to you by either applying to the skin as a stand alone product, mix with serums or moisturises, and yes you can even use it with a retinol because research suggests they both work together effectively! Applied in the morning by using 2-3 drops (bakuchiol doesn't cause sun sensitivity) it sinks into the skin really well before following with a moisturiser and broad spectrum SPF, leaving my skin feeling nourished and cared for all day. I have used it on its own in the evening by applying to freshly cleansed skin and have also applied it over a retinol to not only stabilise it but also give my skin a boost with the skin benefiting properties it contains and delivers. Priced at £20.00 and available here: Made by Sunday Got It Like That - 2% Bakuchiol Booster (Retinol Alternative) x Neil.