Lush's New Self-Preserving Skincare


Explore the new Lush self-preserving skincare collection that not only stays fresh and effective with no artificial preservatives but also more importantly helps support the microbiome of the skin. Clever product formulation and manufacturing products in smaller fresher batches, each product not only respects the skins integrity but also protects the microorganisms that live there. The full range at present features cleansers, face masks, and scrubs whilst also featuring different moisturisers to suit your skin type and needs. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are placed for you to discover the products,


The ultrabland self-preserving cleanser has been reworked to be made even milder by taking out the artificial preservatives, but that doesn't stop its performance when applying to dry skin to breakdown products that are designed to stick to the face such as sunscreens and makeup. The nourishing and balmy texture features almond oil, beeswax, honey, rose water, humectant glycerin and fresh iris extracted in organic extra virgin olive oil to leave the skin clear, calm and superbly soft. I tend to reach for this balm in the evening to remove the days pollutants and products previously applied such as sunscreen and it can even be used around the eyes thanks to its gentle formulation. Wiping the balm off the skin using a warm and damp face cloth i was impressed with not only how effective the cleanser performs but also how the skin feels when patting dry which is perfectly nourished! Suitable for all skin types and priced from £10.00 - available here: Ultrabland Self-Preserving Cleanser


The skin drink self-preserving moisturiser features a soothing and restorative blend of evening primrose and sesame oils whilst emollient butters are also included to keep the skin nourished and smooth. The new self-preserving face moisturisers have a slightly richer formula so you only need a little when applying on to cleansed skin or over your current serum, whilst it is noted they are best used fresh and  within 6 months. The creamy and nourishing texture glides over the skin with ease while a pleasant aroma of neroli oil and rose absolute will influence your wellbeing to ease stress and anxiety in the morning and evening. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this satisfies the skins thirst for moisture  and nourishment by instantly absorbing to leave the skin feeling cared-for but don't worry if you apply too much as a soft-massage with your fingertips will aid in absorption for you and your skin to see and feel the benefits. Priced from £24.00 - available here: Skin Drink Self-Preserving Moisturiser 

The new Lush skincare range can be found here: Self-Preserving Skincare x Neil. 


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