Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush

Revolutionise your oral care regime when introducing the Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush into your daily routine. The water-proof toothbrush not only presents itself with eye-catching unique designs but it also delivers 40,000 Sonic pulses to achieve that deeper and cleaner feeling. Designed and approved by dentists, you can choose between four different modes which are Clean, White, Massage and Sensitive whilst you can also be assured that you are cleaning your whole mouth by the smart 2-minute timer with quad-pacer that is present.

Featured in the box of your new Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush will also be a Ordo Sonic+ Brush Head that features high-quality, individually rounded bristles to achieve optimum oral-care performance. A hygienic travel cap and a Ordo Sonic+ Charging Base with USB connection is also featured to charge the Lithium Ion battery your new toothbrush is powered by. The easy-to read user manual details all the information you need and answers any questions you may have, so i would suggest reading through this before using. 

The smart LED indicator has a low power reminder and also achieves a power-off protection function that helps prevent battery damage, to keep your toothbrush working at optimal levels. Switching through the four different functions is relatively easy by pressing the main button and the LED display will show which mode it is on, whilst it will pulse every 30 seconds to tell you to move onto the next area of your mouth. I love how effective this is at not only cleaning the tooth surface but also cleaning between the teeth whilst also respecting the gums.

Offering the same features as the higher priced electric toothbrushes available, the Ordo is budget-friendly affordable whilst being easy to clean and easy to use. Just remember to allow the Ordo Sonic+ Electric Toothbrush to do all the work (instead of using a back and fourth motion) all you have to do is place on each tooth at a 45 degree angle to the gum line for 3-5 seconds for a cleaner and brighter smile! The affiliated link and discount code are below! x Neil. 

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