BEAUTY PIE Latest and Greatest Kit


Treat yourself or that special loved one this holiday season when purchasing the BEAUTY PIE latest and greatest kit that features a bundle of Christmas beauty gifts. In fact housed in a luxury velvet dark green vanity case that is soft to the touch with gold-tone hardware and a soft vegan-leather handle, the products sit safely inside and are individually wrapped. Unzipping to open the case you will find 14 full size items in 12 packages + 1 deluxe size EDP + 1 signature tote bag + 1 surprise.

I love how easy it is to order from beauty pie and the fact you are constantly updated once your order is completed at the checkout and with the delivery process. Now, im not going to lie, but i was surprised with how heavy the case is when i received it but couldn't wait to open it. The informative guide inside details all the products included whilst also having 4 x three month memberships for you to give to family and friends if they haven't already signed up.  

All the products are beautifully packaged with numbers on them that if you wish you can open one gift a day for 12 days or just open them all at once. I'm sure your be busy discovering and using the products included but another brilliant idea would be to use whats included as stocking fillers or just gifting to that special someone who likes that specific product. The full contents can be viewed over on the links provided below whilst with every purchase of this kit a donation is made to Magic Breakfast who offer nutritious breakfasts to over 200,000 children in the UK every school day.

Not a member yet? Click here: Beauty Pie to receive £10 off your first purchase and benefit from a FREE TRIAL (and free shipping) too! All information and to purchase the limited edition kit here: Latest and Greatest Kit x Neil.


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