LANEIGE Midnight Minis Lip Mask Set


The five choices available from Laneige's midnight minis collection all promise to not only soothe compromised lips, but also aid in moisturisation. The overnight, leave-on lip masks contain humectants to aid in hydration, emollients to nurture and boost moisture, whilst also containing a derivative but stable-form of vitamin c that provides antioxidant benefits. Lip masks are a great product to use because not only do they stay on the lips overnight with no transfer of product (this is helpful for maximum treatment benefits) but they are also a great product to reach for if you lips have dried out from makeup products that are designed to stay on the lips, but can be drying, whilst cold air can be a factor in wicking away moisture.

The LANEIGE midnight minis collection features five different scented variations that are also housed in coloured pots to suit their specific name. The fragrances included in the lip masks are well formulated because they do smell exactly like their name suggests, but if you know you cannot tolerate fragrance then these might not be for you. The options in the set arrive as:

Purple - Gummy Bear

Pink - Sweet Candy

Brown - Chocolate

Pale Tint Yellow - Vanilla

Bright Yellow - Lemon Sorbet 

Unscrewing the pot lid and applying to clean and dry lips, it is ideal to make sure you apply a generous amount that covers the whole area even going over the lip line border if you wish. I was impressed in not only the highly emollient formula that glides over the lips with ease but with how this leaves the lips feeling nurtured, moisturised, and pampered the next morning! Priced at £15.00 for 5, which works out as £3 per-pot, this overnight lip moisture therapy collection is also ideal for those who want to try before they buy the full-sized product. Available here on the non-affiliated link: Laneige Midnight Minis Lip Mask Set x Neil  


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