8 Simple Fashion Tips To Improve Your Appearance

Looking your best at all times is essential. This is because your appearance can increase or decrease your status among your peers, making it important to prioritise it. However, looking good doesn't always come naturally. Like any other skill, this can be learned and improved upon. You need to learn basic fashion tips to transform your appearance. Here are a few you can consider to achieve the desired results.

1. Get A Watch

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A watch is a vital fashion piece for men; you should invest in it to look stylish. Your watch should be personal yet practical as it marks your evolution through time. Additionally, it should be functional and beautiful. Getting a watch proportional to your wrists is also important to ensure comfort.

2. Emulate your idols, don't impersonate them.

Every man has a public figure that they admire for their fashion. However, a common fashion mistake that can entrap you is impersonating celebrities instead of simply taking inspiration from their style. Whether your idol is Ryan Reynolds or The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), you can emulate their style without striving to be like them. Impersonation doesn't work as it doesn’t create originality; in other words, a style that looks great on a celebrity may not work for you.

3. Know When To Change Your Hairstyle.
Haircuts form a core part of men's fashion today, so you should know when to visit your barber for a new makeover. Even if your current hairstyle has served you greatly, there will come a time when you will want to switch things up and change your looks. For instance, your dreadlocks may not match your buttoned-up vibe lately, so now could be the time to get a new style. Again, you may have left the corporate office for a long time and need an unconventional haircut to reflect your new-found freedom. Whatever the case, there are several ways to redefine your hairstyle ranging from the iconic 1990s men's hairstyles to classy modern haircuts like undercut, taper fade, and high top. 

4. Cherish Quality. 
Although picking cheap things may seem more affordable, you would spend more in the long run; low-quality garments break down faster. Whether you are shopping for new shoes, denim or a hat, invest in quality once and for all. This way, you can get items that uplift your style and last longer. As a tip, consider the cost per wear to help you make the right decision. For example, buying a less expensive suit may wear out faster, causing you to need a new one sooner. Therefore, getting high-quality options is better. This leads to the next point. 

5. Wear Your Suit Well. 
The main key to wearing your suit well is ensuring it fits you. If you buy your clothes off-the-peg, consider they fit you across your shoulders. A classic suit is ideal and practical: black, two buttons, single-breasted with minor details. Think of your suit as a uniform -- how you wear it matters more than the label inside. 

6. Dialling Your Fit. 
You can overcome 90% of your fashion challenges by dialling in your fit. Some guys wear oversized things because they think "big" usually feels more comfortable. However, wrong outfit sizes can affect your body proportions, making you look sloppy, fatter, and shorter than your actual height. Whether rocking a t-shirt, jeans or jacket, the right fit will make you look stylish effortlessly.

7. Hang out With Stylish People.
The people you move with can greatly influence your actions, dress, behaviour, and mindset. Surrounding yourself with stylish people is a good way to improve your appearance since you would learn from the best. Therefore, it's up to you to gravitate towards people who share your goals, so feel free to consider this.

8. Begin With The Basics And Build With Staples.
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James Bond, one of the fashion world's most celebrated characters, rarely wears flashy stuff. Instead, he sticks with the basics and always does that in luxurious ways. Rather than spending your resources on flashy materials that limit how often you can wear them, consider investing in basic products that can be worn more frequently. Basic solid colours or denim are the best items, and you can wear these on most occasions. Once you get the basics, you can upgrade your wardrobe by buying staples such as brighter colours and patterns.

As stated earlier, your appearance can determine how people address you. Therefore, taking the time to invest in your looks is crucial. Hopefully, these fashion tips will help you achieve the desired results x Neil.