Avon Far Away Beyond the Moon Parfum

Indulge your senses and others around you, when spritzing the new intense Avon Far Away Beyond the Moon Parfum. Recently launched this year (2023) and being the new addition to Avon's popular fragrance range "Far Away" the floral and oriental scent is definitely a must-have for anyone's fragrance collection. Containing a higher concentration of fragrance oil for better projection and longer lasting wear time, far away beyond the moon contains specific notes to make anyone believe your wearing a designer fragrance rather than an affordable one. 

Presented in the typical and same style far away bottles, far away beyond the moon distinguishes itself from the collection by appearing as blue to capture the moonlit sky you see at night. Opening with the top notes wild cherry, Baies Rose and Blackberry Accord, it then progresses to the middle notes Water Fruits Accord, rich Tuberose and of course the Belle de Nuit flower - a nocturnal flower that only blooms in the moonlight. The fragrance is then supported by the base notes of velvety Milk Moon Accord, Madagascar Vanilla, and Australian sandalwood.

Spritzing on the pulse points, this impressive fragrance will draw compliments day or night and lasts a considerable long-time from the moment of application. Suitable to wear anytime of the year, Avon has provided a unique designer fragrance but at an affordable price! Available individually as a 50ml bottle, purse spray, or body lotion, you can also purchase all three as a giftset! x Neil.