Skincare SOS: Sure Signs You Need To Get Started Today.

Skincare SOS: Sure Signs You Need To Get Started Today.


Pexels Image: CC0 Licence

Even though we all have skin (shock horror, right?), skincare is still treated as a largely female issue. Some guys might be championing the cause with male moisturisers and improved awareness but, when you look at the general advertising and the products you need to get a grip on, there are women all around.

Unsurprisingly, these skewed ad campaigns mean that countless guys still feel they’re too cool for toner – and our skin is paying the price. But, look – great skin is as essential to feeling good as getting active, and believe it or not, getting on top of this isn’t going to let the world know that you like a pamper session. Despite the fact that you’ll have amazing skin (maybe you were born with it?), no one’s going to know that you enjoy applying things to your face of an evening. 

So, instead of assuming that even looking at a moisturiser will put ‘skin care’ in permanent marker across your forehead forevermore, consider the following signs that your hesitance to open the skincare door is starting to do some damage. 

# 1 - Dry, flaky skin

Thanks to weather changes and general wear and tear, dry, flaky skin can hit the best of us when winter rolls around, and that can be pretty embarrassing. No matter how much you wipe those spots with a flannel, you can bet flakes have formed again by bedtime. What’s more, trying to simply brush these away could lead to escalating problems, rawness, and an issue that you can bet everyone notices when they meet you. As you can probably guess, skincare is the only way to properly address this problem, with regularly implemented products for dry skin ensuring you can forget flakes at long last. This way, no matter the time of year, you’ve got access to magic that keeps your skin forever looking its best.


# 2 - A patchy appearance

Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid uncomfortable issues like dry skin, a lack of skincare can still leave your face looking about as patchy as a dalmatian, with angry red patches that people can see from miles away. You could even things out with concealer, of course, but this can be an obvious solution that really does mean wearing your efforts for all to see. By comparison, skincare products like toner that clean and moisturise even patchy skin offer a finish so natural that no one will be able to tell your secret.

# 3 - The fact that you’re reading this article

Of all the signs that we’ve discussed here, none is more pressing than the fact that you’re reading this article. After all, if you didn’t feel that you could benefit from skincare, then you wouldn’t be here. Forget how your skin looks and just permit yourself to embark on something that you clearly believe could help you look and feel better. Your skin, and maybe even all of mankind, will thank you for it! x Neil.