You've Invested In Your Wardrobe, But Are You The Right Fit For It?

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Putting a good wardrobe together takes time, effort, and skill. It’s about balancing outfits that work together, giving you many options to throw something together no matter your mood or the event that precipitates getting dressed.

However, it’s also important to note that the most important element of your approach to style  is unlikely to ever reside in your wardrobe: you!

If you took time putting together your wardrobe over the years, you’ve often questioned if these styles or garments are for you. If they are, then they find pride of place on your hangers or in your drawers.

But have you ever asked the question: am I the right fit for my wardrobe?

By that, we don’t suggest that you’re not good enough to wear the clothes you’ve selected, that you’ve made a bad decision picking them out, or that you have any kind of test to pass to enjoy them. However, it’s true that from time to time, how we approach our wardrobe and wear our clothes can be just as important as the clothes we wear.

So, make sure you don’t ignore the following worthwhile efforts to wear your wardrobe with pride:

Posture & Self-Care

Remember, it’s not the clothes that make you, it’s you who make the clothes. That’s why it’s good to wear them with confidence as if they have something to prove to you. Standing upright with good posture is a good place to start, because then your threads hug your frame more suitably. With good self-care such as healthy skincare, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, you’ll also feel much more comfortable and relaxed while wearing even the most formal arrangement.

Healthy Grooming

Great grooming makes or breaks someone’s appearance, and it’s important to make sure you care for yourself in that context. For example, visiting dentists to help clean your teeth, resolve growth issues and damage over time will allow you to smile genuinely without any worry. If you find that you perspire quite easily, then a good antiperspirant or even a pore blocker can help. Keeping your hair and beard well-trimmed will ensure your personal appearance doesn’t let down your outfit, and with certain oils may even help you smell fantastic. It’s the little details that have the most impact.

Laundry Routines

Clothes aren’t stationary items, but dynamic garments that react to being worn and will dirty over time. That’s why it’s so essential to implement a healthy laundry routine that separates whites and colors, that allows for the appropriate temperature, and in some cases, that ensures proper dry cleaning allows its best condition to shine post-event. It’s important to become familiar with laundry symbols and also have a good routine for when and how to wash each item, for example, you can wear jeans for a little while without having to wash them, while also implementing a good post-ironing routine while your shirts are still a little damp can help you remove all creases.

With this advice, you’re certain to invest in your wardrobe in the healthiest way, allowing your garments to help you look the best you can. x Neil.